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CEO Statement

CEO Statement


Managing director


Ezbuy owns the advantages of great technology and a team of experts with years of experience. The company has comprehensively transformed from a business model of proxy buying to a model of a cross-border e-commerce platform. At the same time, we have strongly developed in the fields of E-Logistics and Warehouse. With the motto “Customer at the center”, we always strive to improve service quality to be better every day.

However, there is no road of flowers leading to glory. To gain the above achievements, Ezbuy has overcome difficult times, of which 2021 is a prime example when the Covid-19 strains seriously impact the global economy and trade. The lower income leads to a narrowing of people’s purchasing numbers. However, from another perspective, demand is often proportional to people’s income, so it can be expected that when income increases in the “new normal”, the level of consumption will increase sharply.

In 2022, with the motto of 5B: Be consistent in goals – Be good at risk control – Be not afraid of change – Be alert for opportunities – Be sustainable in connection, Ezbuy team will strive to make breakthroughs, create momentum for the next five-year strategic period of 2022-2026. On the basis of promoting the achievements of the previous period, as long as exploiting the potential to bring the brand and scale of Ezbuy growing stronger towards the goal of Top 5 leading companies in the field of cross-border e-commerce.