Janbox (part of Ezbuy Japan) has officially become a strategic partner of Mercari

By Macy
18/10/2023 UTC.

In order to facilitate international customers' shopping experience, Mercari, Japan's third-largest e-commerce platform, has embarked on collaborations with global e-commerce businesses. Janbox, a platform by Ezbuy Japan, is honored to be one of the crucial strategic partners in Mercari's announced list of collaborations. This partnership not only marks a significant milestone in the development of both entities but also brings several exciting benefits to customers.

Janbox partners with Mercari

For more details, you can refer to Mercari's official announcement here:



Introducing Mercari

Mercari is the third-largest e-commerce platform in Japan, offering a diverse range of products and goods. The platform primarily features individual sellers, resulting in a unique and limited supply of goods that offer excellent value for money. Due to the popularity of its hot-selling products, Mercari has become one of the most sought-after online marketplaces in Japan.

To support customers in finding their preferred products at reasonable prices, Ezbuy Japan continually strives to enhance its presence with a more comprehensive and authentically Japanese approach. Our goal is to elevate our credibility within the Japanese market and become a partner of choice for many renowned e-commerce platforms in Japan. This aims to make shopping more convenient for customers, safeguard their interests, ensure product quality, and facilitate timely deliveries.

After two months of research and negotiations, Janbox, a subsidiary of Ezbuy Japan, is proud to announce its strategic partnership with Mercari. This collaboration signifies a significant milestone in the development of both parties and brings numerous conveniences to customers in their shopping experiences with Janbox. 


How does Ezbuy Japan and the cross-border shopping service - Janbox  work?

Ezbuy Japan is an e-commerce enabler company for foreigners living in Japan, offering a wide range of services, including cross-border shopping and shipping,  selling in Japan, warehouse fulfillment, customs clearance, and more.


With its cross-border shopping service, Ezbuy Japan introduced the Janbox e-commerce platform. Janbox integrates leading Japanese e-commerce platforms, including Mercari, and other renowned platforms such as Amazon Japan, Yahoo! Shopping, Yahoo! Auction, Rakuten, and more.


Specifically, Janbox takes customer purchase requests, procures products from Mercari, handles packaging and shipping, delivering them to international customers. All the procedures, including communication with international customers, cross-border payments, overseas shipping, export/import customs clearance, etc., are managed by the cross-border e-commerce company, Ezbuy Japan.

Why did Ezbuy Japan partner with Mercari? What benefits do customers gain?

Customers who purchase items from Mercari through Janbox enjoy all the rights and benefits as local Mercari customers. In addition, Janbox has partnered with Mercari to provide its customers with exclusive advantages, including:

  1. No purchase account restrictions: 

    To transact on Mercari, users typically need an account created with a Japanese phone number and personal verification. This can be challenging for international buyers. Janbox simplifies the process, allowing customers to shop directly by easily converting their currency without the need for a Japanese Yen account. With just one Janbox account, customers can shop not only on Mercari but also on various other websites.

Janbox interface when integrated with Mercari
  1. No limitations on the number of purchase links:

    Janbox has entered into an agreement with Mercari to remove purchase limits for users. Instead of being restricted to a fixed number of orders per day ( 10-20 orders), customers purchasing Mercari items through Janbox can buy any quantity they desire.

  2.  Mercari's support for dispute resolution: 

    Shopping through Janbox means customers still receive support and protection from Mercari in case of product-related issues. If problems such as inaccurate product descriptions, counterfeit items, non-delivery, or other risks occur, Mercari and Janbox work together to resolve these issues for you.

  3.  Faster shopping and payment experience: 
  • Through the collaboration between Janbox and Mercari, the shopping process becomes smoother and quicker than ever before. There's no need to wait for extended periods, as customers can buy directly from Mercari through Janbox in just a few simple steps. Additionally, the payment process is automatic and swift. Customers can enjoy direct shopping and ensure that products arrive promptly.

Ezbuy Japan, with its efficient end-to-end shipping and fulfillment system and excellent inventory management, has created favorable conditions to ensure that products from Mercari reach customers quickly and safely. This not only saves shopping time but also enhances customer satisfaction. With a mission to provide the best shopping experience, the partnership between Mercari and Ezbuy Japan through the cross-border e-commerce platform, Janbox, is a valuable and practical step for customers.