How to Sell on TikTok Shop Vietnam

By Macy
10/11/2023 UTC.

Reaching 16,300 billion VND in revenue, TikTok Shop is taking market share from many e-commerce platforms in Vietnam. As TikTok's popularity continues to soar, many foreign businesses are eager to sell on TikTok Shop Vietnam.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through everything you need to know about selling on TikTok Shop in Vietnam, from setting up your shop to managing orders and shipping.

1. An overview of TikTok Shop Vietnam’s growth


According to the e-commerce report for the first half of 2023 just announced by Metric, NMV revenue (Net Merchandised Value/Total value of all successfully delivered orders) in the entire Vietnamese e-commerce market reached about 93,000 billion VND, growing by 46% over the same period last year. 

the revenues of the top 5 biggest ecommerce sites in the first half of 2023

Data: Metric

Illustration: Ezbuy Japan

With the advantage of the intersection between entertainment content and commercial elements, TikTok Shop rose to second place after Shopee, achieving revenue of 16,300 billion VND and 117 million products sold in the second quarter of 2023…

According to Nielsen SEA Marketing Mix Modeling 2023, with more than 325 million monthly users and more than 15 million businesses on the platform in Southeast Asia, TikTok shows an advertising profit margin of 2 times.

According to e-commerce shops, entertainment on TikTok is said to be the reason for promoting product discovery activities. The habit of product discovery through word of mouth combined with community, entertainment and commerce is creating a seamless journey from product discovery to purchase.

Therefore, Tiktok Shop Vietnam is a lucrative market for foreign sellers who want to expand their bussinesses in Vietnam. 

2. Setting up your TikTok Shop in Vietnam

To sell on TikTok Shop in Vietnam, the first step is setting up your TikTok Shop account. Here's what you need to do:

2.1 Get approved for a TikTok Shop seller account

  • TikTok Shop in Vietnam is currently invite-only for sellers. You'll need to apply for access.

  • Make sure your business and products meet TikTok's requirements. You'll need to be an official brand with authentic products.

  • Have all required business licenses, tax info, and documentation ready to submit. This helps TikTok verify legitimate businesses.

2.2 Optimize your TikTok profile

  • Fill out your TikTok profile completely including links, bios, contact info.

  • Upload branded profile and header images.

  • Use branded hashtags in your bio so fans can find you.

2.3 Create TikTok Shop storefront

  • Your TikTok Shop storefront displays your products. Customize it with brand colors, banners, promotions.

  • Organize your store into categories to showcase products. Add best-selling sections.

  • Enable live shopping features if you want to host livestream sales events.

Sell on TikTok Shop Vietnam

3. Creating content to sell on TikTok Shop Vietnam

Great content is key to driving sales on TikTok Shop. Follow these tips for creating engaging, shoppable videos that convert:

3.1 Showcase products in use

  • Create mini tutorials and demos showing how products work and their key features.

  • Model your products in real-life settings - this gives shoppers context.

  • Focus on one hero product per video so it's clear what's for sale.

3.2 Tell stories

  • Build an emotional connection with storytelling around products.

  • Share your brand's origins, how products are made, inspirational brand stories.

  • Tug at heartstrings and inspire with uplifting brand stories.

3.3 Go behind the scenes

  • Give viewers a peek inside your brand with behind-the-scenes footage.

  • Show products being made, packaged, shipped from your facilities.

  • Introduce the people behind your brand - founders, employees, artisans.

3.4 Run giveaways and contests

  • Offer exclusive prizes like cash, free products, or discounts.

  • Increase followings and engagement with contests asking to like, share, comment.

  • Announce winners live or in dedicated videos to gain more views.

4. Optimizing your TikTok Shop for sales

Driving conversions on TikTok requires optimization across your videos, product listings, and store.

4.1 Strong calls-to-action (CTA)

  • Insert clear CTAs to view shop or product pages in your videos and captions.

  • Use graphics or text overlays to highlight your store link.

  • Display discounts or promotions to create urgency.

4.2 SEO optimization

  • Include popular keywords in titles and descriptions so videos rank high in search.

  • Use hashtags related to your product so your content surfaces for relevant searches.

4.3 Compelling product listings

  • Write robust product descriptions highlighting benefits, features, and specifications.

  • Show products from multiple angles and include demos.

  • List prices, variants, shipping info clearly.

5. Managing order fulfillment and shipping when selling on TikTok shop Vietnam

When the sales start rolling in, you'll need to stay on top of orders and fulfillment.

5.1 Processing orders

  • Manage orders from your regular e-commerce admin system.

  • Confirm order details, process payments, update statuses.

5.2 Shipping orders

  • Use your existing shipping process or integrate a shipping provider

  • Provide tracking info so customers can follow deliveries.

  • Send shipping confirmation emails.

5.3 Managing returns

  • Accept returns for damaged, defective, or incorrectly shipped items.

  • Make returns easy by providing prepaid shipping labels.

  • Refund upon inspection to prevent fraud.

  • Resell returned products if they are undamaged.

Fulfillment and shipping are not easy to handle when selling in aborad country like Vietnam. Let's Ezbuy Japan support you. We provide warehouse fulfillment and last-mile delivery for your customer in Vietnam thanks to the professional fulfillment process and innovative technology. So foreign merchant can't focus on their selling and leave the rest for us

6. Customer service when selling on TikTok Shop Vietnam

Delighting customers with top-notch service will lead to repeat purchases and rave reviews.

6.1 Monitoring messages

  • Stay on top of customer inquiries through TikTok messaging and comments.
  • Respond quickly, ideally within 1-2 hours during business hours.

6.2 Helpful support content

  • Create TikTok videos proactively answering common questions.
  • Share sizing guides, how-to tips, and FAQs to deflect simple inquiries.

6.3 Issue resolution

  • Investigate issues thoroughly and provide solutions, credits, or refunds to make amends.
  • Turn unhappy customers into delighted ones by going above and beyond.

6.4 Community engagement

  • Like and respond to comments from followers to foster engagement.
  • Share user-generated content featuring your products.
  • Build relationships with micro-influencers and brand advocates.

7. Ezbuy Japan provides end-to-end support for foreign merchants when selling on TikTok Shop Vietnam

For overseas sellers, navigating TikTok Shop Vietnam can be challenging, from setting up a local entity to managing shipping and returns. Ezbuy Japan provides a full suite of services to help foreign merchants sell seamlessly on TikTok Shop Vietnam:

  • Local business registration: Ezbuy Japan assists with establishing a legal Vietnamese entity, required to sell on TikTok Shop Vietnam. This handles licensing, tax registration, bank accounts and more.

  • Setting up TikTok Shop account: Our team will help you create an account on TikTok. We also help you upload your product and translate into Vietnamese

  • Order fulfillment: We manage a nationwide fulfillment network in Vietnam for inventory storage, order processing and packaging.

  • Domestic shipping: We offer nationwide shipping through its extensive carrier network. Merchants get discounted shipping rates and tools to track deliveries.

  • Return handling: We inspect returned products and can arrange reshipping, refunds or discarding as needed. This simplifies reverse logistics.

  • Customer service: Ezbuy ovides Vietnamese customer service staff to handle inquiries, order issues, returns and more in the local language.

8. FAQs about Sell on TikTok Shop Vietnam

8.1 How many followers do I need to sell on TikTok shop?

There are no fixed follower requirements to get approved for TikTok Shop Vietnam. TikTok evaluates sellers holistically based on account engagement, content quality, product legitimacy and brand reputation. While follower count is considered, you don't need millions of followers if you have a reputable brand and quality profile. Authenticity is more important than popularity.

8.2 How do I sell my products on TikTok shop?

To sell on TikTok Shop Vietnam:

  • Apply for and get approved for a TikTok Shop seller account
  • Create a TikTok Shop storefront displaying your products
  • Produce engaging video content showcasing your products and brand story
  • Add clear call-to-actions in videos and captions to direct viewers to purchase
  • Optimize product listings with detailed descriptions, specs and images
  • Provide excellent customer service when orders come in!

8.3 How much does it cost to sell on TikTok shop?

Since April 2023. TikTok Shop sales fee is 3% x (Customer's payment amount - Refund for customer's order) (tax included). 

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9. Conclusion

TikTok Shop presents an amazing avenue for brands to tap into Vietnam's rapidly growing digital commerce market. But launching a successful TikTok Shop requires significant preparation across content, product listings, fulfillment, shipping and customer service. Hope that our guide has armed your business with the information needed to turn TikTok's huge hyper-engaged audience into loyal customers.