Japanese proxy shipping service for international buyers

By Macy
15/11/2023 UTC.

Japanese proxy shipping provides a convenient way for international buyers to purchase products from Japan and have them shipped overseas. This service lets you access Japan's vast selection of items that may not ship directly to your country. Using a proxy opens up new shopping opportunities while also saving you money. Here is an in-depth look at what proxy shipping is, its key benefits, how to choose a provider, the proxy shipping process, and reasons to use a service like Ezbuy Japan Express.

1. What is Japanese proxy shipping?

A Japanese proxy shipping service functions as your personal shopping agent in Japan. When you find an item online that doesn't ship internationally, you provide the product link and information to the proxy service. They will purchase it locally in Japan and then forward the package on to your address outside of Japan.

Proxy shipping service proceed by Ezbuy Japan

Some key points about proxy shipping services:

  • Act as your buying agent for purchases from Japanese websites
  • Provide a Japanese address for delivery of domestic purchases
  • Consolidate orders and repackage items for international shipping
  • Handle customs forms, duties and taxes on your behalf
  • Ship overseas to your address

Using a proxy opens up the full selection of Japanese items not otherwise available to overseas buyers. Anything purchased domestically can be forwarded through the proxy service.

2. Benefits of using a Japanese proxy shipping service

There are many reasons to enlist the help of a proxy service when shopping Japanese websites:

Access items not available outside Japan

Many items sold online in Japan do not ship internationally. A proxy service lets you bypass shipping restrictions to buy these domestic-only products. You gain access to Japan's full ecommerce selection.

Japanese proxy shipping service helps internatiol customers Japanese products
Japanese proxy shipping service helps overseas customcustomerser access Japanesese prodcuts

Save money on international shipping

Instead of paying costly shipping from multiple Japanese retailers, items are consolidated and shipped in bulk. You save on international shipping costs.

Avoid high import duties and taxes

The proxy will declare items at their true value, allowing you to avoid excessive import taxes and duties applied to inflated values. This saves you money at customs clearance.

No language barriers

Proxy staff are fluent in Japanese for seamless transactions. Language is not a barrier to accessing Japanese websites.

Personal shopper service

Proxies can provide additional services like sourcing hard-to-find items, price comparisons, and product recommendations. It's like having a personal shopper in Japan.

Safer payment methods

Proxies allow you to pay using familiar methods without concern over foreign transactions. Leave payment issues to your proxy during checkout.

Using a proxy service unlocks the full Japanese shopping experience. You gain access, save on costs, avoid language barriers, and have a personal buying agent.

3. How to choose the right Japanese proxy shipping provider

When selecting a Japanese proxy shipping service, keep the following factors in mind:

Reliability and reputation

Choose an established proxy company with a solid reputation for reliability and good customer service. Check reviews and community feedback. A trustworthy proxy like Ezbuy Japan will help ensure a smooth ordering experience.

Shipping destinations served

Some proxies ship only to certain countries. Make sure your location is supported before ordering. Proxies with global shipping provide the most flexibility.

Product categories allowed

Proxies may restrict product types that can be purchased and shipped. For example, some don't allow food items. Choose a proxy with product categories that match your needs.

Japanese proxy shipping

Delivery speed

Compare estimated shipping times across proxies to Japan and onto your country. Faster delivery may justify higher fees. Prioritize proxies with efficient handling and shipping.

Pricing and fees

Proxies charge various handling, purchasing and shipping fees. Make cost comparisons, factoring in all fees, to find the best value. Choose reasonable fees paired with great service.

Customer service

Look for proxies with responsive customer support via email, phone and chat. Helpful staff make the proxy experience smoother. Check the provided languages as well.

Special services

Some proxies offer additional services like personal shopping, product requests, storage and consolidation. Extra services may provide added convenience at reasonable fees.

Selecting the right proxy takes research across these factors. A premier service brings the full Japanese shopping experience to your door.

4. Understanding the process of Japanese proxy shipping

Using a proxy involves a simple process to unlock Japanese online shopping from anywhere:

Step 1 - Browse Japanese retail sites

Search Japanese ecommerce sites for desired items not available to ship overseas. Copy product links or details for items you want to purchase via proxy.

Step 2 - Register to use proxy service

Create an account with your chosen proxy service and submit the product links. Specify options like color and quantity as needed. The proxy may request additional details to complete the domestic purchase.

Step 3 - Proxy purchases item in Japan

With your order information, the proxy will purchase the items on your behalf from Japanese retailers using their local address. Payment for domestic shipping and items is covered by the proxy.

Step 4 - Proxy packages and ship orders

The proxy will repackage all your ordered items together for consolidated international shipping. This avoids costly per-item shipping from different Japanese retailers.

Step 5 - Delivery to your address

Your package is shipped from the proxy's warehouse to your provided international address. The proxy handles customs forms and duties as necessary during import.

Step 6 - Receive purchases from Japan!

Once the proxy shipping process is complete, you will receive your long-awaited package of items from Japan! Enjoy your unique purchases imported through your new favorite proxy service.

Proxy shipping opens the doors to seamless shopping in Japan no matter where you live. Following these simple proxy ordering steps makes Japanese items accessible worldwide.

5. Why should you choose Ezbuy Japan's proxy shipping service?

Ezbuy Japan Express provides an easy, reliable proxy shopping service that makes Japanese items available to you anywhere in the world. There are several compelling factors that make Ezbuy an ideal choice for your proxy requirements.

Global shipping to over 220 countries

Ezbuy ships purchases from Japan to doorsteps in over 220 countries. Wherever you live, you can access Japanese shopping through Ezbuy.

Quick handling and delivery

Ezbuy processes proxy orders rapidly with most shipping within just 1-3 days of purchase in Japan. Customers can enjoy quick delivery without long waits.

Low international shipping fees

Ezbuy offers highly competitive shipping rates thanks to its fulfillment network in Japan and other countries. Lower fees mean more savings.

Simple fee structure

Pricing is straightforward with set proxy order fees plus clearly displayed shipping rates. There are no hidden costs with Ezbuy's proxy service.

Responsive multilingual support

Ezbuy provides 24/7 customer service in 12 languages. Helpful support makes proxy ordering easier across language barriers.

Mobile apps and site

Manage proxy orders on the go with Ezbuy's convenient mobile apps and mobile-friendly website. Desktop and mobile access provides flexibility.

As an established proxy company, Ezbuy Japan Express offers the complete package of great service, low fees, global shipping, rewards, responsive support and app convenience. Japanese shopping adventures await with Ezbuy as your proxy partner.

FAQs about Japanese proxy shipping

Proxy shopping services make buying from Japan easy but you may still have some common questions. Here are answers to frequently asked questions about Japanese proxy shipping:

Where can I get a proxy if I need one?

Many proxy services are available to provide access to Japanese shopping. Top recommendations include Ezbuy Japan Express, ZenMarket, White Rabbit Express and FromJapan. Compare proxy features and fees to choose the best option for your needs.

When should I ask proxies like Ezbuy Japan Express to help me?

Use a proxy any time you find an item on a Japanese website that does not ship directly to your country. Proxy services exist to help overseas buyers get Japan-only items delivered globally.

How much does a proxy cost? Is it expensive? How to save on cost?

Proxies charge handler fees, domestic shipping in Japan and international shipping to you. Fees vary across proxies but are generally affordable. You can compare total costs across proxies and use promotions to save. Consolidated shipping via proxy is cheaper than multiple international shipments. Contact Ezbuy Japan team to receive detailed proxy pricing for your specific shipment.

What should I check before using a Japanese proxy shipping?

Before ordering through a new proxy, verify they ship to your country and allow the product categories you want. Check supported languages and payment methods. Read reviews and compare delivery times, fees, and reliability across proxies.


Japanese proxy services unlock a world of shopping opportunities to buyers worldwide. Using a proxy provides access to Japan's vast ecommerce selection with consolidated shipping and simplified import. Services like Ezbuy Japan's cross-border shipping make it easy and affordable to get your dream Japanese items delivered globally.