Mercari collaborates with Ezbuy Japan for cross-border ecommerce

By Macy
03/11/2023 UTC.

Recently, on October 30, 2023, Mercari - top 3 of Japan's leading C2C e-commerce platforms, and Ezbuy Japan - a cross-border e-commerce enabler, officially joined forces for cross-border sales. This partnership will bring numerous benefits to customers in Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries.

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Mercari and Ezbuy Japan partners for cross-border ecommerce

Mercari is the top C2C e-commerce platform in Japan with over 17 million users and nearly 200 million products listed daily. This platform attracts many sellers and buyers due to its diverse product categories, distinct Japanese culture, convenience, and high-quality service. Meanwhile, Ezbuy Japan is a cross-border e-commerce enabler, offering services to international customers shopping on various Japanese e-commerce platforms, including Mercari.


Under the partnership agreement, Ezbuy Japan becomes a strategic partner of Mercari in the Southeast Asian region, benefiting both parties. Ezbuy Japan will provide support services for customers purchasing from Mercari, while Mercari gains a reliable partner to expand its presence in the Southeast Asian market.


Specifically, Ezbuy Japan has developed a cross-border shopping website/application called Janbox, directly integrated with the Mercari platform, allowing customers living outside Japan to access and shop from Mercari.

How does Ezbuy Japan operate as a Mercari partner?

To offer a quick and convenient cross-border shopping experience, Ezbuy Japan will provide the following services in collaboration with Mercari:

1. Provide a shopping platform for customers living outside Japan: 

Through Janbox and cross-border shopping service, Ezbuy supports international users in buying products on Mercari. No need for a Japanese address or identification documents, international customers only need to create an account on Janbox to start shopping on Mercari.

2. Support international payments and shipping:

Ezbuy facilitates various international payment methods for customers ordering from Mercari through Janbox. They have integrated English and four other common languages in Asia to optimize the shopping experience for international customers. Product prices are automatically converted to the customer's residing country's currency, ensuring customers from around the world can easily shop on Mercari without language or currency barriers.

After the customer places an order, Mercari will send the goods to Ezbuy Japan's warehouse in Japan. Ezbuy Japan will then be responsible for shipping the order from Japan to the customer's address abroad.


3. Handling goods insurance and complaints: 

During the process of shipping goods from Japan to overseas, Ezbuy Japan provides goods insurance to ensure maximum safety for the orders. In case of any risk-related issues with the orders, as a Mercari partner, Ezbuy Japan will assist customers in resolving complaints swiftly.

What benefits will customers receive when buying at Mercari via Ezbuy Japan (Janbox)?

With the collaboration between Mercari and Ezbuy Japan, customers in Vietnam and Southeast Asian countries will enjoy several benefits when shopping on Mercari through Janbox platform:


Customers can easily access Mercari through Janbox and find products that match their needs. Mercari offers not only the latest and trending products in the Japanese market but also a wide range of used products at reasonable prices. Moreover, instead of being limited to a fixed number of daily orders (10 - 20 orders), customers shopping on Mercari through Janbox can purchase any quantity they desire.

Ezbuy Japan provides a variety of international payment methods, allowing customers to choose the payment method that suits their preferences and convenience. This provides customers with more options when shopping on Mercari.

All products on Mercari are quality-assured and insured during the overseas shipping process by Ezbuy Japan. This ensures that customers receive products of the utmost quality and safety when shopping on Mercari.

In conclusion

The collaboration between Mercari and Ezbuy Japan marks a significant advancement in the development of the Southeast Asian e-commerce market. It also provides an opportunity for Japanese businesses to access and grow in this market. With the support of Ezbuy Japan, customers in Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries will have more opportunities to shop for diverse and high-quality Japanese products on Mercari.