Sending packages from Japan to Vietnam made easy

By Macy
05/10/2023 UTC.

Sending packages from Japan to Vietnam can seem complex, but with the right information and preparation, the process will be smooth and easy. In this article, we'll provide an overview of the shipping costs, process, packaging, customs regulations, tracking and how to choose a carrier when sending items from Japan to Vietnam.

Something you should know about shipping from Japan to Vietnam

There are a variety of options for sending packages from Japan to Vietnam. The main choices are air freight, sea freight, and international courier services.

Air freight is the fastest option, with shipments taking 2-5 days door-to-door. It's best for urgent or high value items. Sea freight is more economical but slower, taking 10-15 days for delivery. It's good for heavy or bulky cargo. Courier services take 4-7 days and provide more tracking and security features than sea freight.

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Air freight is the fastest option when shipping from Japan to Vietnam

When selecting a shipping method, key factors to consider are speed, reliability, tracking capabilities, insurance, and cost. You should compare rates between different carriers to find the best value option.

How much does it cost to send a package from Japan to Vietnam?

Shipping costs from Japan to Vietnam vary significantly based on the carrier, shipment weight and dimensions, and service level. Here is an overview of estimated rates for common shipping options:

  • Air freight: Expect to pay around $4-$8 per kg for economy air freight. Express air service is $10+ per kg.
  • Sea freight: Full container load (FCL) sea freight starts around $1000-$2000 for a 20ft container, and $1200-$2500 for a 40ft container. For less than container load (LCL) sea freight, costs range from $5-$15 per cubic meter.
  • Courier: 2 kg package is around $60-$150 by express door-to-door service. a 5 kg package is $100-$300. Costs go up significantly for larger packages above 10 kg.

Customs, fuel surcharges, and remote pickup/delivery fees may also apply. Overall, air freight is 4-10 times more expensive than sea freight. Courier rates are in between air and sea freight for speed and cost.

Air freight costs fluctuate frequently due to jet fuel prices and seasonal demand changes. You should get up-to-date quotes from different carriers to find the best price. Shippers can often get discounts for frequent or high-volume shipments.

The process of sending packages from Japan to Vietnam

The process of sending packages from Japan to Vietnam involves several steps, each with its own specific tasks and responsibilities:

  1. To start, you need to prepare the required paperwork, which includes a commercial invoice, a packing list, and the appropriate shipping labels.
  2. Once the paperwork is in order, it's essential to pack your items securely, adhering to customs guidelines to ensure safe transportation.
  3. Next, you'll need to make arrangements for either the pickup of your shipment or its drop-off at the carrier's facility.
  4. Don't forget to settle the shipping charges to facilitate the shipping process.
  5. After payment, you will receive a tracking number, which you should use to monitor the status of your shipment as it makes its way to Vietnam.
  6. Upon arrival in Vietnam, the recipient must provide proper identification to claim the delivery.
  7. The carrier will obtain a proof of delivery signature from the recipient and provide this documentation to the shipper for confirmation.

Please note that the specific documentation required may vary depending on the nature of the items being shipped. For instance, electronics may necessitate special customs forms, while food products may require sanitary certificates. It's crucial to collaborate closely with your chosen carrier to ensure you have all the necessary paperwork in order.

For larger air freight shipments, you may opt to use a freight forwarding service, which will handle all the necessary arrangements on your behalf, making the process more streamlined and efficient. Ezbuy Japan air freight service can be a good option for your business. 

Packaging tips for shipping from Japan to Vietnam

When shipping from Japan to Vietnam, it's important to follow these packaging recommendations

  • Use strong corrugated boxes and wrap items in bubble wrap or foam peanuts to avoid damage
  • Tape boxes securely on all seams and use strapping tape for extra strength
  • Include moisture-absorbing packets to protect against humidity
  • Place paperwork in a waterproof envelope inside the box
  • Label box clearly with "Fragile" markings if applicable
  • Don't ship prohibited items like lithium batteries by air freight
  • Refrain from using Japanese postal boxes or markings to avoid confusion
  • Weigh box and calculate dimensions to determine exact shipping cost

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Following accurate labeling and packaging guidelines will prevent customs delays or shipment rejection. To simplify the packaging process, you can also use Ezbuy Japan's fulfillment service. We will come to your address to pick up the goods, pack them and ship them straight to Vietnam

Customs regulations for shipping packages from Japan to Vietnam

Vietnamese customs have regulations on items allowed for import. Some main rules you should be noticed:

  • Normal personal items can be imported duty free up to $500 in value
  • Gifts and samples below $50 in value enter tax free
  • Communication devices like phones may need Vietnam telecom testing
  • Food products require health certificates and approval
  • Importing vehicles requires prior import eligibility approval

Prohibited items include weapons, pornography, narcotics, and counterfeit products. Vietnam customs does inspect packages and may impose fines for regulations violations. Working with an experienced carrier simplifies the customs process.

Tracking your package from Japan to Vietnam

Reputable carriers provide shipment tracking tools to monitor the progress of your package in real time. Tracking capabilities include:

  • Email and SMS text alerts at each step like departure, arrival, and delivery
  • Online tracking portal showing the location and status
  • Scanning the tracking barcode via mobile app
  • Signature proof of delivery to recipient in Vietnam

Tracking visibility provides peace of mind and accountability. In case of any delays or issues, you can proactively follow up and verify the circumstances.

How to choose a carrier for sending packages from Japan to Vietnam

When it comes to choosing a carrier for sending packages from Japan to Vietnam, there are several key factors to consider:

  • Transit time meets your requirements
  • Reliable handling and customs clearance process
  • Competitive pricing and discounts
  • Tracking tools and shipment insurance
  • Customer service support
  • Reputation and reviews from other Japan to Vietnam shippers

Ezbuy Japan's cross-border shipping service brings together all the elements to become an ideal carrier for your Japan- Vietnam packages. With many years of experience and strengthened relationships with customs we confidently ensure safe, fast transportation for your shipments.

Sending goods from Japan to Vietnam involves preparation but is straightforward with the right carrier. Following the tips outlined, your package will arrive quickly, safely, and without hassles. Proper packaging, paperwork, and working with an experienced carrier will ensure shipping success.

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