Fast and accurate order shipping for your online business in Japan

By Macy
17/10/2023 UTC.

With the rise of e-commerce in Japan, fast and accurate order shipping has become extremely important for online businesses to succeed. Customers expect to receive their orders quickly and without errors. Fast and accurate shipping helps build customer satisfaction and loyalty. There are multiple effective approaches that foreign online merchants can use to ensure outstanding order delivery in Japan. 

Shipping services for online stores in Japan

There are many shipping options available for e-commerce businesses in Japan. The main domestic carriers include Japan Post, Yamato Transport, Sagawa Express and more.

  • Japan Post: Japan Post is the national postal service of Japan and is one of the largest shipping carriers in the country. It offers a wide range of shipping services, including standard delivery, express delivery, and registered mail.

  • Yamato Transport: Yamato Transport is a private shipping company and is one of the leading domestic carriers in Japan. It is known for its fast and reliable delivery service.

  • Sagawa Express: Sagawa Express is another major domestic carrier in Japan. It offers a variety of shipping services, including standard delivery, express delivery, and cold chain delivery.

    Fast and accurate order shipping is important to enhance a business's success

For online sellers, choosing the right shipping partners is crucial. Factors to consider include delivery speed, tracking capabilities, insurance, cost and geographic coverage. Integrations with shipping APIs can help automate the process from order to delivery.

The importance of fast and accurate order shipping for business

Speed and precision in order shipping brings many benefits for online businesses in Japan:

Faster delivery improves customer satisfaction

Research by Forrester shows that 79% of online shoppers consider delivery speed an important factor when shopping online. Fast shipping makes customers happy and more likely to shop again.

Same-day or next-day delivery is becoming an expectation, especially for urban e-commerce customers. Fast shipping gives online retailers a competitive edge in Japan's crowded e-commerce landscape.

Fast shipping makes customers happy and more likely to shop again

Accuracy minimizes costly errors

Mistakes in order fulfillment frustrate customers and hurt the brand's reputation. Inaccuracies like shipping incorrect items or quantities result in returns and exchanges that increase costs.

Precision and quality control in logistics prevent errors. This saves online sellers time and money in the long run as fewer orders have to be re-shipped.

Quick shipping reduces cart abandonment

Research by Barilliance found that long delivery times and high shipping costs are the top reasons for abandoned shopping carts.

Fast shipping options make customers more willing to complete their purchases. Providing same-day delivery and transparent shipping estimates retains more customers.

Competitive advantage in the Japanese market

In Japan's e-commerce industry, there are dominant players such as Amazon Japan, Rakuten, and Yahoo! Shopping. This market is known for its high level of competition from various sellers. To stand out from the crowd, your online businesses can differentiate themselves by prioritizing quick and error-free order fulfillment.

Strategies for ensuring fast and accurate shipping

Here are some proven strategies online businesses in Japan can adopt for optimizing order fulfillment:

Offer same-day and next-day delivery

  • Partner with on-demand delivery services like ezbuy.jp to provide same-day delivery in cities.

  • Utilize next-day shipping options from major carriers like Yamato. Promote these faster options during checkout.

  • Set order cut-off times to ensure ability to ship orders the same or next day. Communicate these clearly to customers.

Implement quality control processes

  • Use barcode scanners and inventory management software to minimize picking errors.

  • Do final order verification and package sealing in a dedicated quality control stage.

  • Consider investing in automated fulfillment technology to reduce mistakes.

Provide detailed shipping status updates

  • Integration with carriers via API provides real-time tracking updates to share with customers.

  • Send emails/texts with estimated delivery date and when package is out for delivery.

  • Updates reduce customer uncertainty and inquiries on order status.

Optimize packaging and unboxing

  • Choose packaging sizes to minimize empty space and prevent in-transit damage.

  • Use customized packaging and unboxing experiences to delight customers.

  • Eco-friendly, optimized packaging also reduces shipping footprint.

Analyze key shipping metrics

  • Track key numbers like average time from order to shipment, delivery times, and error rates.

  • Analyze metrics to identify bottlenecks in fulfillment flow.

  • Continuously refine processes to improve speed and accuracy KPIs.

How to choose the best shipping provider for your online store in Japan

Selecting the right shipping partners is a key logistics decision for foreign e-commerce merchants in Japan. Here are tips on choosing providers:

Compare transit times and cost: Balance delivery speed with affordability. Faster options like same-day shipping come at higher prices.

Look for wide coverage: Opt for couriers with extensive network reach across Japan, from major cities to remote islands.

Evaluate tracking capability: Real-time tracking with frequent updates provides transparency to customers.

Check additional services: Seek options like COD, insurance, eco-friendly shipping, return logistics support.

Assess e-commerce integration: APIs and plugins make integrating with online stores easier and enable more automation.

Evaluate support network: Look for companies with strong on-ground operational support to resolve issues.

Read reviews and reputation: Check reviews and talk to other e-commerce businesses on their experience with the shipping provider.

Do volume-based negotiation: Large shipping volumes can give bargaining power to negotiate better rates as your business scales.

The best shipping partners evolve along with your business needs. As your sales grow, you can expand from standard delivery to faster, more customized shipping services.

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Get your orders delivered quickly with Ezbuy Japan's fast shipping services.

Ezbuy Japan provides online merchants a comprehensive solution for fast and reliable shipping within Japan. Services include:

  • Same-day delivery in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya through partnerships with on-demand couriers

  • Next-day nationwide delivery through major carriers like Yamato Transport

  • Real-time order tracking with proactive updates to customers

  • Cash on delivery (COD) and insurance options

  • Return logistics support

  • Volume-based rate discounts

  • API integration for order management automation

  • Dedicated account management

Ezbuy Japan leverages technology and operational expertise to provide Amazon Prime-like fast shipping experience at a reasonable price. Their affordable solutions and reliability have made them a trusted partner for over 600 e-commerce companies in Japan. Their affordable solutions and reliability have made them a trusted partner for over 60 foreign businesses selling in Japan.

By partnering with a shipping provider like ezbuy.jp, online businesses can focus on sales while order fulfillment is handled end-to-end. Companies have seen up to 20% increase in repeat customers after adopting Ezbuy's fast shipping services.

In conclusion, if you are an online merchant in Japan looking to enhance your business operations with reliable and fast delivery services, Ezbuy Japan offers an excellent solution with a wide array of benefits and features.

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