How to sell on Shopee Vietnam: guide for cross-border sellers

By Macy
25/10/2023 UTC.

Are you a foreign seller looking to tap into the thriving e-commerce market in Vietnam? Our comprehensive guide, 'How to Sell on Shopee Vietnam', will walk you through the steps to establish a successful presence and boost your sales in this dynamic marketplace.

Introduction to Shopee Vietnam

Shopee Vietnam is one of the leading e-commerce platforms in Vietnam with over 50 million downloads of its mobile app and millions of active users. It was launched in 2015 by Sea Group, a Singapore-based company that also owns other e-commerce brands like Garena and Forest Interactive.

Shopee logo brand

Shopee has quickly become popular among Vietnamese online shoppers for its wide selection of products, discounted prices and promotions, and convenient mobile shopping experience. For sellers, Shopee provides access to Vietnam's fast-growing e-commerce market, especially younger demographics who love to shop on their smartphones.

There are a few reasons why foreign sellers should sell on Shopee Vietnam: 

  1. Lower barriers to entry
  • Shopee makes it easy for overseas sellers to get started on its platform without needing to set up local operations in Vietnam.

  • Sellers can ship their products directly from overseas to Vietnamese customers via cross-border e-commerce. This reduces upfront costs and regulatory hurdles.

  1. Large buyer base
  • With over 50 million downloads of its app, Shopee gives sellers access to a massive base of potential customers in Vietnam.

  • A young population that loves shopping online and lower prices compared to offline retail make it very attractive.

  1. Support for foreign sellers
  • Shopee provides support for foreign sellers via its Seller Centre and online knowledge base in multiple languages including English, Chinese and Vietnamese.

  • Features like integrated cross-border shipping and payment methods also simplify cross-border selling.

Why selling on Shopee Vietnam is beneficial for foreign sellers?

Here are some of the key benefits foreign sellers can enjoy by selling on Shopee Vietnam:

Fast-growing e-commerce market

  • E-commerce revenue in Vietnam is projected to grow at 29% annually from 2022-2025, much faster than most countries. This presents a big opportunity for sellers.

  • Mobile commerce is booming in Vietnam - over 50% of online shoppers use smartphones. Shopee is the 1 shopping app in Vietnam.

Sell on Shopee Vietnam
Shopee is the most popular shopping site in Vietnam  

Young, tech-savvy population

  • Around 70% of Vietnam's population is under 35 years old. This tech-savvy demographic loves shopping on apps like Shopee.

  • They are highly receptive to foreign brands, products and shopping trends. This presents an opportunity to easily enter an emerging market.

Lower operational costs

  • Shopee's integrated cross-border e-commerce model allows overseas sellers to ship directly to Vietnam without local entity registration.

  • This reduces the need for local warehouses or offices to enter the Vietnam market, lowering costs.

  • Attractive commission fees and logistics discounts further reduce overheads for sellers.

Wide product selection

  • Sellers can list products in almost any major category on Shopee Vietnam like fashion, beauty, electronics, household goods etc.

  • The open marketplace model allows establishing a niche easily without high competition in less crowded segments.

Targeted marketing and promotions

  • Shopee provides sellers with options for targeted advertising and promotions like sponsored listings and thematic sales campaigns.

  • This allows optimizing marketing spend to reach the right shoppers effectively. Granular analytics help refine strategies.

Step-by-step guide for setting up a seller account on Shopee Vietnam

Here is a step-by-step overview of signing up as a seller and preparing to sell on Shopee Vietnam, specifically for foreign sellers. 

Step 1: Register for a Shopee seller account

  • Go to the Shopee website for Vietnam (https://shopee.vn) and click on "Become a Seller". You'll need to provide basic information like your email, phone number, ID/passport, and company details.

  • Shopee will verify your identity before approving your seller account. This may take 1-3 working days.

Step 2: Download the Shopee seller app

  • On Google Play or App Store, download the "Shopee Seller Centre" app which allows managing your Shopee seller account on the go.

  • Use the same login details from your seller account registration to access the app.

Step 3: Set up your seller profile

  • In the Seller Centre app, set up your profile by adding your product categories, store descriptions, cover images, and contact information.

  • This helps buyers understand your brand and product offerings.

Step 4: List your products

  • Start creating product listings by entering information like product descriptions, images, pricing, weight and dimensions.

  • Make use of Shopee's product templates and categories to optimize product SEO.

List your products on shopee

Step 5: Choose a shipping method

  • Integrate with one of Shopee's supported cross-border shipping partners like DHL eCommerce, Airpak Express, etc.

  • Make sure to specify shipping costs, processing times, etc accurately for buyers.

  • Shopee also offers discounted seller rates with some logistics partners.

Once these steps are complete, your products will be live and visible to buyers on Shopee Vietnam! Monitor orders, process payments, and ship products directly to customers in Vietnam.

Tips for optimizing your product listings on Shopee Vietnam

After creating product listings, optimizing is an important step to attract customers and boost revenue. Here are some tips for creating effective product listings on Shopee to maximize sales:

  • Include detailed titles and descriptions: Highlight key product features, benefits, specs, uses... Translate or localize listing content into Vietnamese if possible.

  • Upload high-quality images: Use professionally shot product images with clear backgrounds. Take photos at multiple angles and include close-ups of details.

  • Set competitive prices: Research competitor and market pricing in Vietnam for your category. Price competitively after including shipping costs.

  • Highlight promos and bundles: Offer discounts or product bundles to encourage customers to buy more per order. Make them Shopee-exclusive.

  • Participate in voucher and discount campaigns: Run limited-time sitewide voucher promotions or bundle discounts to quickly gain more orders and reviews.

  • Curate by categories: Categorize your listings thoughtfully based on how buyers would search. Avoid overly competitive parent categories.

  • Get local insights: Ask Vietnamese colleagues or contacts for feedback on listings to improve localization and SEO.

  • Analyze competitors: Study top sellers in your niche to optimize everything from pricing to product specs to buyer communication.

Understanding the payment and shipping processes on Shopee Vietnam

For cross-border sellers on Shopee Vietnam, here is an overview of how payments and shipping work:

Receiving customer payments

  • Buyers on Shopee Vietnam can pay using local payment methods like bank transfers, e-wallets, debit/credit cards and cash on delivery.

  • Shopee consolidates these payments and remits your share to your linked international bank account weekly.

  • You can track payment status for orders in the Seller Centre. Shopee charges a small commission per transaction.

Arranging product shipping

  • Integrate with one of Shopee's supported international shipping partners like DHL eCommerce, Airpak Express,...

  • Upload tracking details to Shopee once package is dispatched. This allows buyers to track delivery progress.

  • Ensure accurate transit time estimates, shipping costs, customs documentation,...

  • For cash on delivery orders, Shopee's logistics partner will collect payment before releasing shipment.

  • Offer multiple affordable shipping options like air cargo and sea freight. Sea freight is slower but cheaper.

  • Ship from your nearest fulfillment warehouse to optimize transit time and costs.

Managing returns and exchanges

  • Shopee provides a 3-day or 7-day return policy for buyers. As a seller, accept returns/exchanges gracefully to maintain good ratings.

  • For exchanges, arrange reshipment of the replacement item. Coordinate returns with your logistics partner.

  • Enable buy-and-try options like free-size exchanges can minimize returns and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Communicate with buyers clearly on return/exchange policies and processes before they place orders.

Utilizing advertising and promotions on Shopee Vietnam to increase sales

Shopee Vietnam offers sellers several advertising and promotion options to boost visibility and sales:

Paid ads

  • Sponsored products and brands: Pay to promote specific product listings higher in search results. Great for new launches.

  • Discount vouchers: Offer site-wide discount vouchers to incentivize buyers. You set voucher values and valid periods.

  • Banner and video ads: Purchase banner ads on the Shopee app and site along with in-feed video ads. Helps rapidly gain exposure.

Sellers could pay aids to promote some specific products

Organic promotion options

  • Themed sales: Participate in Shopee's big seasonal sales like 9.9, 10.10, 11.11, Black Friday etc. Huge spikes in traffic.

  • Bundled deals: Offer compelling product bundles and discounts to motivate buyers and boost average order value.

  • Free shipping: Offer free or discounted shipping for limited periods or above minimum order values. Very effective incentive.

  • Giveaways: Run prize giveaways like shopping vouchers and lucky draws to create excitement and buzz.

Dealing with language and cultural differences as a foreign seller on Shopee Vietnam

Selling to Vietnamese buyers successfully requires understanding local culture, language, and buyer expectations:

  • List products in Vietnamese: Hire translators to localize product listings, descriptions, packaging, instructions, etc. into Vietnamese language.

  • Offer Vietnamese language customer support: Have staff or use tools that allow communicating with Vietnamese-speaking buyers in their native language.

  • Provide Vietnam-specific logistics: Offer shipping rates to different regions of Vietnam. Use local carriers familiar with requirements.

  • Accept local payment methods: Enable popular local payment options like bank transfers, e-wallets, cash on delivery instead of only international methods.

  • Modify marketing communication: Adapt branding, promos, ad language, and communication to suit Vietnamese cultural norms instead of translating directly.

  • Highlight product benefits: Emphasize tangible benefits, value, and quality sought by Vietnamese buyers instead of just product features.

  • Be flexible on returns: Due to greater uncertainty regarding foreign brands, offer hassle-free returns or buy-and-try options to gain trust.

  • Partner with local entities: Work with a local Vietnamese partner agency for market insights, regulatory compliance, localization support, etc.

Take care of customer service and returns on Shopee Vietnam

Delivering good customer service is vital for any e-commerce seller, especially cross-border ones:

  • Set expectations: Clearly highlight your return, exchange and warranty policies upfront so buyers know what to anticipate.

  • Localize communication: Have Vietnamese language options for all communication channels - listings, chats, email, etc. Use culturally appropriate tones.

  • Respond promptly: Address buyer queries, complaints, or issues within 12-24 hours before they escalate or leave bad reviews.

  • Enable self-help: Set up an FAQ, sizing guides, how-to articles, etc in Vietnamese so buyers can help themselves.

  • Offer hassle-free returns: Make your returns and exchanges process very simple for buyers. Provide prepaid return shipping labels, etc.

  • Be empathetic: Understand delays or issues outside your control will happen. Apologize sincerely and compensate buyers for inconveniences.

  • Track feedback: Monitor buyer reviews and feedback closely. Identify recurring issues. Continuously improve policies and processes.

Ezbuy Japan helps you to sell in Shopee Vietnam from A to Z

Ezbuy Japan is a cross-border e-commerce enabler that makes selling on Shopee Vietnam easy for international sellers.

With the ‘Sell in Vietnam’ service, Ezbuy helps overseas businesses sell not only on Shopee but also on various famous marketplaces like Lazada, TikTok,...

By partnering with us, international shoppers will receive these bellow benefits:

  • End-to-end support: Ezbuy assists with everything from setting up your Shopee Vietnam seller account to localized listing optimization, fulfillment and customer service.

  • FREE OMS: We design OMS and give it free for customers who use our warehouse/ fulfillment services in Vietnam. Our innovative software helps sellers manage their products on multiple sales channels.

  • Returns and exchange management: Ezbuy Japan handles returns and exchanges so you don't have to deal with fulfillment complications.

  • Vietnam importing expertise: Ezbuy is experienced with importing rules, taxes, and documentation needed to stay compliant in selling to Vietnam.

  • Cost savings: Higher shipment volumes allow Ezbuy Japan to negotiate better rates with carriers. The savings are passed on to sellers.

By partnering with ezbuy.jp, sellers can launch on Shopee Vietnam faster without needing to build local teams or operations from the ground up. Their experience and infrastructure is a valuable asset for cross-border e-commerce success.

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Shopee Vietnam presents an attractive opportunity for international sellers given the rapidly growing e-commerce market, young demographics tuned into social commerce, and lower barriers to entry.

Optimizing fulfillment, improving localization, building relationships, and adapting marketing for the market are key for cross-border sellers to succeed in Vietnam long-term. Working with established enablers like Ezbuy Japan simplifies the process of launching and scaling Shopee Vietnam.

Following this guide can help overseas sellers successfully set up shop on Shopee Vietnam to tap into its high-potential e-commerce marketplace. With the right product-market fit, effective execution and localization, Vietnam's digitally-savvy consumers offer huge upside for cross-border sellers.