Review top shopping apps in Vietnam

By Macy
23/11/2023 UTC.

Vietnam has seen rapid growth in e-commerce and online shopping in recent years. This article will provide a review of some of the top shopping apps available in Vietnam, serving overseas merchants to choose the most suitable app to sell. 

1. Introduction top shopping apps in Vietnam

In Vietnam, the landscape of online shopping has been significantly influenced by a variety of popular apps catering to the diverse needs of consumers. 

Top shopping apps in Vietnam

Some of the most widely used shopping apps in the country include:


Shopee is one of the most popular online marketplaces and shopping apps in Vietnam. It connects buyers and sellers and offers a wide selection of products across categories like fashion, beauty, home & living, health & wellness, baby & toys, groceries, electronics and more.

With over 1,6 billion downloads,  Shopee is arguably the most used shopping app in Vietnam. Users love Shopee for its huge product variety, low prices, discounts & vouchers, and ease of use. The interface makes browsing and searching very convenient.


Lazada is a leading one-stop e-commerce platform in Vietnam. It offers a wide range of international and local branded products across categories. Lazada is known for having good deals and discounts.

Lazada has over 10 million downloads on Android devices in Vietnam. It offers a clean, visually appealing interface allowing customers to easily search for and discover deals on branded products. Lazada also provides reliable logistics and multiple payment options.


Based in Vietnam, Tiki is a hugely popular local e-commerce site and shopping app. It sells books, electronics, home appliances, health & beauty products, fashion items and more at competitive prices.

Over 5 million users have downloaded Tiki's app. It is a trusted platform to buy genuine products across many categories at competitive rates. Tiki provides speedy and reliable shipping even to remote areas. Easy order tracking and dedicated customer support add to the appeal.

TikTok Shop

While Tiktok is widely known for its engaging short videos, Tiktok Shop has emerged as a unique player in the online shopping realm. Tiktok Shop, integrated within the Tiktok app, provides users with a distinctive shopping experience.

Offering a variety of products, Tiktok Shop allows users to explore and purchase items directly through the app. This feature adds a social and interactive dimension to the shopping process, making it an innovative addition to the e-commerce landscape in Vietnam.

2. Features of popular shopping apps in Vietnam

Some useful features that the leading shopping apps in Vietnam offer are:

2.1 Shopee

  • Huge marketplace: Offers a wide variety of products.
  • Simple & intuitive interface: User-friendly design for easy navigation.
  • Secure payment options: Ensures safe transactions.
  • Discount vouchers & flash sales: Provides opportunities for cost savings.
  • In-app games & contests: Adds an interactive element to the shopping experience.
  • Seller rating system: Allows users to assess and choose reliable sellers.
  • Free returns: Offers a hassle-free return process.

2.2 Lazada

  • Branded products with discounts: Features well-known brands at discounted prices.
  • Rewards program: Offers a loyalty program for regular customers.
  • Easy tracking and returns: Simplifies order tracking and return processes.
  • Reviews from verified buyers: Provides feedback from authentic purchasers.
  • Social commerce features: Integrates social elements into the shopping platform

2.3 Tiki

  • Diverse product categories: Sells books, electronics, fashion, and more.
  • TikiNOW 2-hour delivery: Promises fast delivery for selected items.
  • Search, product details, ratings: Enables easy product search and provides detailed information.
  • Themed sales promotions: Offers special promotions based on themes.
  • Tiki points rewards program: Rewards customers with loyalty points.
  • Discount coupon alerts: Notifies users of available discounts.

2.4 TikTok

  • Discover trendy products: Explore a curated selection of trending and unique items.
  • Engaging short videos: Enjoy product showcases through short and entertaining videos.
  • Secure payment options: Ensure safe and secure transactions.
  • Limited-time offers: Grab exclusive deals and discounts for a limited period.
  • Interactive shopping experience: Participate in interactive features for a dynamic shopping journey.
  • User-generated content: View and share content created by fellow shoppers.


3. User reviews and ratings for shopping apps in Vietnam

Review analysis on app stores shows that Vietnamese users are quite satisfied with popular shopping apps overall thanks to the discounts, promotions and convenient user experience they offer. Specific ratings are:


With 4.4 stars on Google Play Store from over 1,1 million user ratings, Shopee scores highly for its smooth interface, engaging features and value-for-money proposition. Users mention super fast delivery, good seller communication and top-notch customer service.

Negatives raised in some reviews include filtering issues, recommendations not being personalized enough and limitations in return policy.


With 4.7 stars overall from around 2 million user reviews on Android platform, Lazada garners praise for its competitive pricing, especially on branded items, and free shipping with no minimum order value.

Areas of improvement identified by some users are related to the product search function and seller rating system.


It earns 4.8 out of 5 stars on the app store from nearly 370,000+ ratings. Positive feedback highlights the broad assortment of authentic products, reasonable prices and quick delivery even to remote locales.

Constructive criticism is mainly around wanting more flexibility in payment options and further streamlining of the ordering process.


The TikTok Shop feature has taken user experience to the next level, opening up a unique and interactive world of online shopping. With over 3.89 million reviews and an impressive score of 4.8 stars, TikTok Shop is not only a place to share short videos but also a creative shopping mall.

This feature allows users to discover and shop directly from videos. Businesses and individuals can take advantage of this platform to showcase their products creatively, through engaging and interactive videos. The "in-app shopping" feature is not only convenient but also creates an interactive and enjoyable shopping experience.

TikTok Shop

4. Comparison of shopping apps in Vietnam







Product Range

Diverse product categories, Shopee Mall for genuine items

Extensive range, LazMall for authenticity

Wide range of products, focus on beauty, fashion, home & decor,..

Diverse range, emphasis on books and stationery

Number of Users

1,6 billion

150 million

1,5 billion



Frequent promotions, discounts, Shopee Coins

Competitive pricing, sales events, Lazada Wallet

TikTok discount, Flash sale, 

Promotions, flash sales, Tiki+ loyalty program

Ratings & Reviews

4.4 stars

4.7 stars

4.8 stars

4.8 stars


In terms of volume, Shopee has the highest number of products.  Lazada focuses more on branded merchandise. Tiki offers fast delivery times. Shopee tends to have very affordable pricing optimized to drive high volume sales. Shopee leads in engaging users via mini games and contests. Lazada's rewards program also helps drive loyalty.

5. Tips for choosing the best shopping app in Vietnam

Here are some useful tips to select the shopping apps to start your business in Vietnam. 

Product range - Analyze if the categories of merchandise available match your products.

Prices - Compare prices across apps, consider discounts, coupons etc. to get the best deals

Rating - Check the rate and the feedback from users. 

Delivery efficiency - Opt for apps which offer fastest & most reliable order fulfillment and tracking to ensure speedy shipping.

Payments - Choose apps that have secure payment gateways and offer preferred options to satisfy your customers in Vietnam

Interface - The app should have an intuitive, easy-to-use interface for a smooth selling experience


Spending some time understanding exactly what each app offers through browsing and checking out reviews can help decide the ones that match an individual's expectations the closest. One can also try ordering lower-value items first to directly gauge service quality before making bigger purchases.

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7. Conclusion

Online shopping has seen exponential increase in Vietnam, leading to intense competition among e-commerce platforms and apps. Review analysis shows Shopee and Tiktok having maximum market share currently. But Lazada and Tiki also have strong propositions.

Key parameters foreign sellers consider while choosing apps are number of users, rating.  pricing, product range, delivery efficiency. International sellers keen to explore the Vietnamese market can leverage Ezbuy's services for faster market entry and building local presence. For the most frictionless buying experience, consumers need to evaluate product authenticity, seller reputation and post-sales support.