Warehouse Fulfillment service in Vietnam for foreign sellers

By Macy
29/11/2023 UTC.

1. Introduction to Warehouse Fulfillment Services in Vietnam

Vietnam is an emerging e-commerce market in Southeast Asia with a population of over 99 million people. As Internet and mobile penetration continues to increase rapidly, more Vietnamese consumers are shopping online on various e-commerce platforms. This presents a major opportunity for foreign sellers looking to tap into the high-growth Vietnamese market.

However, selling directly to consumers in Vietnam can be challenging for foreign companies. Differences in language, regulations, logistics networks make it difficult to manage orders, inventory, returns,... This is where Warehouse Fulfillment services come in - they enable foreign sellers to outsource the storage, packing and domestic delivery of orders in Vietnam.

Warehouse fulfillment service in Vietnam

1.1 Overview of warehouse fulfillment in Vietnam

A Warehouse Fulfillment provider in Vietnam offers a ready e-commerce infrastructure to help foreign companies sell seamlessly to Vietnamese consumers. They handle all the complexities of local order processing, storage, packaging, domestic shipping and returns. Some of the key services offered are:


  • Storage space to stock inventory of products closer to end consumers
  • Options for fulfillment centers across major cities like Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh City

Inventory management

  • Stock manipulation, organization and tracking
  • Visibility into inventory levels and monitoring stock counts

Picking & Packing

  • Processing and packing of orders with necessary customs invoices/documents
  • Quality checks before packing
  • Options for gift wrapping, custom packaging. 

Domestic shipping

  • Handling shipments within Vietnam via leading local couriers
  • Providing different shipping modes like standard, same day, next day delivery etc.

Customer service

  • Supporting customers pre and post order in Vietnamese language via Phone/Email/Chat
  • Managing returns and exchanges smoothly in compliance with Vietnamese consumer laws

So in summary, outsourced warehouse fulfillment enables foreign e-tailers to sell in Vietnam without having to deal with complex warehousing, order processing, shipping and returns. It makes cross border e-commerce easier and more scalable.

1.2 Key providers in Vietnam's warehouse fulfillment market

Some leading domestic and foreign players offering warehousing and fulfillment services in Vietnam include:

  • Ninja Van: A fast growing logistics startup, they have now diversified into order fulfillment solutions targeted at SMEs.
  • Shopee: The leading e-commerce platform has its own fulfillment infrastructure to serve marketplace sellers on its platform.
  • Lazada: Similar to Shopee, Lazada too offers integrated warehousing and logistics support for marketplace vendors.
  • Ezbuy Japan: e-commerce enabler in Vietnam, provide warehouse and fulfillment service for foreign business want to expand to Vietnam market

So in summary, there are an increasing number of options available today for overseas sellers looking to outsource fulfillment operations to a local partner before entering Vietnam.

2. Why foreign sellers should consider using warehouses in Vietnam

Vietnam is poised to be the next big e-commerce opportunity in Southeast Asia. Its online retail market is predicted to reach $15 billion by 2025 on the back of rising digital adoption and middle class. However, the unique complexities of the Vietnamese market make it tough for foreign players to tap this potential without a local partner. Here are 3 key reasons why outsourcing fulfillment to a local warehouse can enable global companies to unlock the Vietnamese opportunity:

Overcome language & cultural barriers

Vietnamese consumers prefer native language and culturally tailored shopping experiences. Working with a local fulfillment provider like Ezbuy Japan helps overcome such barriers with their Vietnamese-speaking teams and localized processes.

Faster delivery times

Stocking inventory locally in Vietnam allows for faster order turnaround times as products are near end-consumers. This allows meeting customer expectations of quick deliveries.

Handle returns & exchanges

Having a local warehouse partner also enables smoother management of reverse logistics issues like returns, refunds, exchanges etc. in compliance with Vietnam's consumer protection laws.

In summary, a strong on-ground fulfillment partner in Vietnam allows overseas sellers to leverage local expertise in navigating e-commerce complexities while focusing on their core business and global operations.

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3. The benefits outsourcing warehouse fulfillment services in Vietnam

Outsourcing order fulfillment operations to a specialized local provider offers multiple advantages for foreign companies selling to Vietnamese consumers:

Lower overheads & costs

No upfront capital expenditure required to build warehousing infrastructure and hire resources in Vietnam. This model allows scaling up/down based on order volumes flexibly.

Focus on core business

Frees up time and effort from complex local fulfillment operations to focus energy on things like sourcing, marketing and building the global brand.

Access Vietnam's E-commerce infrastructure

Plug into existing nationwide storage locations, shipping networks, returns capabilities instantly without reinventing the wheel.

Insights into the Vietnamese Market

Get value-added insights into Vietnamese consumer behavior and preferences from local provider's data and experience in the market.

Quick time to market

Fast track entry into Vietnam's e-commerce space without lengthy delays in figuring out fulfillment by tapping into ready infrastructure.

Seamless omnichannel enablement

With a local warehousing base, facilitates embracing omnichannel models down the line like brick and mortar stores.

Compliance with laws & regulations

Complexities of Vietnamese consumer rules, product specifications get handled by providers well versed in local policies.

So in summary, getting a specialist local player like Ezbuy Japan to manage end-mile order fulfillment is a quick, cost-efficient way for foreign companies to start selling in Vietnam without massive upfront investment.

4. Key factors to consider when choosing a warehouse fulfillment service in Vietnam

However, not all fulfillment service providers in Vietnam offer the same quality and reliability. As you evaluate options, here are 5 key aspects to analyze:

Scale of infrastructure

Look for providers with fulfillment centers across major cities like Ho Chi Minh & Hanoi for maximum nationwide reach.

Warehouse fulfillment service in Vietnam

Shipping capabilities

Assess the depth of shipping options to customers from standard to same day deliveries and returns management.

Technology integration

Evaluate technology integration for inventory management, order flows and real-time visibility into operations.

Service levels

Understand service commitment levels across order accuracy, speed and customer service support.

Security & compliance

Review their security practices, compliance with local laws and certifications like ISO to ensure peace of mind.

Additionally, optimize costs by looking for players that offer flexible, usage based pricing models without lengthy contracts. Comparing offerings across these parameters helps pick the right local partner aligned to your e-commerce goals and scale in Vietnam.

5. How Ezbuy Japan's warehouse fulfillment services can help you expand your business in Vietnam market

Ezbuy Japan is one of leading cross-border e-commerce enablers in Vietnam that has now launched dedicated warehouse fulfillment service in Vietnam to allow overseas retailers to easily scale locally.

Warehouse fulfillment service in Vietnam

Some of the benefits include:

Same-day and next-day delivery

With strategically located warehouses in Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh, enable fast next day delivery to 80% of addresses in Vietnam.

Flexible on-demand fulfillment

Usage-based pricing with no minimum commitment allows businesses to get started and test Vietnam with lower risk.

End-to-end support

Managed services from first-mile warehousing to last-mile delivery and returns for end-to-end visibility.

Exposure to wide consumer base

Can leverage Ezbuy's integration with leading Vietnamese platforms like Shopee, Lazada to access millions of local shoppers instantly.

So in summary, Ezbuy Japan's plug and play fulfillment infrastructure can help overseas sellers launch in Vietnam with ease and expand locally in one of Southeast Asia's most dynamic market.


Vietnam's rapidly growing e-commerce industry presents a compelling opportunity for international brands looking to enter Asian markets. However, the market's unique complexities, language barriers, underdeveloped logistics make direct entry challenging. Outsourcing order fulfillment operations to a specialist local player offers the ideal solution - it allows overseas sellers to tap Vietnam's potential quickly without massive investment.

When choosing the right partner, analyze factors like their infrastructure reach, shipping capabilities, technology integration and service reliability. One of leading cross border players like Ezbuy offers comprehensive fulfillment services for global sellers seeking quick, low-risk entry into Vietnam. As the access Hub for Asia, Ezbuy is the ideal launch platform to expand business locally and realize Vietnam's $15B online retail promise.