What do you need to know about Shopee Vietnam?

By Macy
29/11/2023 UTC.

Introduction to Shopee Vietnam

Shopee is a leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan. Founded in Singapore in 2015, Shopee has since expanded rapidly across the region. As of 2023, Shopee is the largest e-commerce operator in Southeast Asia and Taiwan based on gross merchandise value (GMV).

Vietnam is one of Shopee's biggest markets. The platform launched there in 2016 and has grown at an astonishing rate. Shopee Vietnam is now the country's most popular online marketplace. It has over 50 million downloads of its mobile app, more than 2 million sellers, and receives over 16 million visits per day.

Selling on Shopee Vietnam
Vietnam is one of Shopee's biggest markets

The reasons for Shopee's massive success in Vietnam include:

Vietnam's rapidly growing eCommerce industry

  • Vietnam has a young, tech-savvy population increasingly shopping online

  • Internet and smartphone penetration rates continue to increase

  • Online shoppers appreciate convenience and choices unavailable locally

Shopee focus on the Vietnamese market

  • Localized platform and dedicated Vietnam team

  • Wide range of payment options preferred in Vietnam

  • Strategic partnerships with local companies and influencers

  • Effective consumer promotions and subsidies

In this guide, we dive deep into everything you need to know about using and selling on Shopee Vietnam.

1. Overview of Shopee’s presence in Vietnam

Shopee entered Vietnam in March 2016 and achieved rapid growth through understanding Vietnamese consumers and localized strategies. Some key facts about Shopee Vietnam:

50 million downloads and 16 million daily visits

As of 2023, the Shopee app has over 50 million downloads in Vietnam. It has become the country’s most visited e-commerce site with over 16 million visits per day.

90% market reach in lower-tier cities

Shopee has an extensive logistics network covering 63 provinces of Vietnam. This allows it to achieve 90% market penetration even in lower-tier cities and remote areas.

2 million sellers and 60 million listings

The platform enables over 2 million sellers in Vietnam to connect with millions of buyers. There are over 60 million listings covering every product category.

Strategic partnerships

Shopee has established win-win partnerships with major local companies and leading banks. These help attract more users while improving services.

Innovative promotions

Fun promotions like the popular Shopee Games, Mega Sale,...  engage users and encourage more shopping activity.

2. Key features and services offered by Shopee Vietnam

Shopee Vietnam delivers a smooth, convenient and engaging e-commerce experience through these core features:

Mobile-optimized app

The Shopee app offers full e-commerce functionality on-the-go. Intuitive design and features like barcode scanning make mobile shopping easy. Many discounts and free shipping vouchers are only available on mobile apps.

Digital payments

Shopee provides various secure digital payment methods preferred in Vietnam. This includes bank transfers, Shopee e-wallets, cash on delivery and more.

Integrated logistics

Shopee's nationwide delivery network is integrated into the platform, enabling tracking and coordination. Sellers can also utilize Shopee's warehousing and fulfillment services.

Seller tools and analytics

Sellers have access to valuable data and tools on the Seller Centre. This allows managing orders, tracking performance and optimizing listings for better sales.

Gamified engagement

Fun features like Shopee Games, Shopee Quizzes and Shopee Feed make the platform entertaining for buyers. This boosts user stickiness.

Buyer protection

Shopee Guarantee provides buyers assurance when shopping. It covers returns, undelivered or damaged goods and payment issues.

3. Benefits of Using Shopee for Online Selling in Vietnam

Shopee Vietnam offers a multitude of benefits for entrepreneurs and businesses engaged in online selling

  • User-friendly interface: Shopee's intuitive design allows even those with limited technical expertise to effortlessly set up and manage online stores.

  • Convenience and reliability: The platform ensures a seamless experience for both sellers and buyers, handling operational intricacies such as secure payment gateways and integrated logistics support.

  • Extensive reach: With a vast user base, Shopee provides unparalleled exposure to a diverse audience, amplified by robust marketing tools like sponsored listings and promotional campaigns.

  • Competitive marketplace: Shopee's commitment to fostering a competitive environment encourages innovation and customer-centric practices among sellers, leading to an improved overall shopping experience.

  • Adaptability to trends: Regular updates to features and algorithms help sellers stay relevant in the market, ensuring adaptability to changing trends and consumer preferences.

  • Data analytics tools: Shopee offers comprehensive data analytics tools, providing real-time insights into customer behavior, purchasing patterns, and market trends for informed decision-making.

  • Optimized product visibility: Sellers can leverage Shopee's dynamic environment to optimize product listings, enhancing brand visibility and attracting potential customers more effectively.

  • Marketing empowerment: Through powerful marketing tools, sellers can promote their products strategically, contributing to increased brand visibility and customer engagement.

  • Data-driven strategies: Shopee's data-driven approach empowers sellers to make informed decisions, fine-tuning strategies and tailoring promotions to better meet consumer demands.

Using Shopee to sell online in Vientnam

As entrepreneurs recognize the advantages of Shopee, the platform continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of online selling in Vietnam.

4. How to create a selling account on Shopee Vietnam

Signing up for a seller account allows anyone to access Shopee Vietnam’s huge buyer base and start their e-commerce journey. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Visit the Shopee website

Go to the main Shopee Vietnam website or seller platform and click ‘Đăng Ký’.

Choose account type

Select personal account for individuals or business account for registered companies and brands.

Fill in account details

Key in email, password and verification code sent to your email. Provide more details like phone number, seller name and bank account information.

Get verified

For business accounts, submit company details and documents for Shopee to verify before approval. Sellers can apply for Official Shop status by meeting added criteria.

Set up shop profile

Add profile pictures, cover images and shop descriptions to introduce your store. Fill in policies, contact details and product categories you are selling.

create selling accout on shopee Vietnam

Once the seller account is approved, users can start creating listings, running promotions and making sales to Shopee’s massive customer base in Vietnam! Sellers are empowered with various tools and analytics provided in the Shopee Seller Centre to optimize operations.

5. Payment and Fulfillment on Shopee Vietnam

Shopee Vietnam offers diverse payment methods preferred in the local market and integrated fulfillment services:

Payment Methods

Buyers in Vietnam can pay conveniently via:

  • Shopee Pay e-wallet with promotions

  • Bank transfers with Internet banking or ATMs

  • Cash on delivery - most popular option

  • Debit, credit cards and mobile carrier billing

Shopee Vietnam payment

Sellers receive customer payments securely into their Shopee wallet. Payouts to registered local bank accounts are done weekly.


Vietnam sellers can handle fulfillment themselves or use Shopee integrated options:

  • Shopee Xpress for handling deliveries

  • Shopee Warehouse for storage and fulfillment

  • Major logistics providers GHTK, ViettelPost and J&T Express

Shopee’s strong nationwide logistics network ensures speedy and reliable deliveries even to remote addresses in Vietnam.

6. Tips for selling successfully on Shopee Vietnam

Here are some tips for sellers in Vietnam looking to maximize sales on Shopee:

Offer competitive pricing

Price is the top consideration for buyers. Research product costs and offer attractive pricing.

Maintain sufficient stocks

Avoid long processing times and order cancellations from OOS (out-of-stock) situations.

Provide excellent customer service

Respond promptly to buyer queries before and after sales to encourage more orders and better reviews.

Analyze sales data

Leverage Shopee Seller Centre tools to identify top-selling items, traffic sources and ways to optimize conversions.

Participate in promotional activities

Run own promotions and join Shopee mega shopping events to access marketing support and boost sales.

Enhance listings

Maximize sales by having descriptive listings with plenty of images plus bundling related add-ons.

By implementing these tips, Vietnam sellers can develop a flourishing Shopee store and loyal customer base.

7. How Ezbuy Japan helps foreign businesses selling on Shopee Vietnam

Foreign companies are now selling successfully in Vietnam via Shopee too. To overcome cross-border e-commerce complexities, a smart solution is utilizing Ezbuy Japan’s Sell in Vietnam service. 

Provide a warehouse network in Vietnam

Ezbuy Japan operates a robust network of warehouse partners in Vietnam for storing inventory. Foreign sellers can send goods to Vietnam and we will keep it in our warehouse. 

Offer fulfillment and shipping service in Vietnam

Ezbuy's fulfillment service enables an efficient pick-pack-ship process in Vietnam. Ezbuy handles storage, fulfillment, last-mile delivery and return & recharge in Vietnam

Expand sales easily across regions

By leveraging Ezbuy's infrastructure, foreign sellers gain instant access to Shopee Vietnam’s millions of buyers without needing a local entity. It enables cost-efficient expansion to even more countries.

Through Ezbuy, businesses overcome the complexities of entering Vietnam e-commerce. Instead, they can focus on sales on Shopee, supercharged by Ezbuy’s fulfillment strengths.


In just a few years, Shopee Vietnam has become the nation’s undisputed top online marketplace. It offers buyers an engaging shopping experience coupled with cost savings and convenience. Meanwhile, it empowers sellers of all sizes to boost income by tapping Shopee’s buyer base of tens of millions.

For overseas sellers, Shopee Vietnam represents a lucrative e-commerce expansion opportunity made much easier by utilizing Ezbuy Japan’s Sell in Vietnam service. With e-commerce in Vietnam still on rapid growth trajectory, now is the ideal time for retailers abroad to get onboard Shopee to start connecting with this vibrant market.