Ship overseas from Japan using Ezbuy Japan's cross bodder shipping service

By Macy
27/10/2023 UTC.

Shipping overseas from Japan to other countries can seem daunting at first, but with the right company handling the logistics, it can be a smooth and easy process. 

In this blog post, we'll provide a step-by-step guide to shipping overseas from Japan using Ezbuy Japan. We'll cover how to prepare your items, fill out customs forms, choose a shipping method, make payment, and track your package. We'll also discuss factors like costs and fees. By the end, you'll have all the information you need to confidently ship items from Japan to destinations worldwide.


Step-by-step guide to ship overseas from Japan

Step 1: Choose an international shipping company

The first step is choosing a reliable international shipping company to handle the logistics. Working with a private courier company like Ezbuy Japan can simplify the process. We provide end-to-end support, from pickup to delivery, and handle customs clearance for you. This removes much of the hassle and guesswork from shipping abroad.

Some key factors to consider when choosing a shipping company:

  • Reliability & experience with international shipping

  • Variety of shipping options (air, sea, express, economy)

  • Competitive rates & discounts on high volumes

  • Tracking services & package insurance

  • Customer support & help with documentation

  • Online tools & apps to manage shipments

  • Warehousing capabilities & order consolidation

Ezbuy Japan hits all of these markers. They've been a trusted name in shipping from Japan worldwide for over a decade. Our cross-border shipping service handles everything from pickup to delivery so you can sit back after booking.

Step 2: Prepare your items to ship & DO NOT wrap them

Once you've chosen a shipping company, it's time to prepare your shipment. Here are some tips:

  • Remove price tags & marketing materials not intended for the recipient.

  • Ensure items are clean & undamaged shipping companies may reject damaged goods.

  • Leave items UNWRAPPED. Customs officials may want to inspect the contents. You can place items in zipper plastic bags.

  • Pack fragile items very securely in boxes with cushioning like bubble wrap on all sides.

  • Remove batteries from electronic items whenever possible to prevent fires during transit.

Carefully with fragile items when shipping overseas

Also be sure to check if there are any shipping restrictions imposed by customs on the items you plan to ship. Some common prohibited items include:

  • Alcohol, tobacco & perfumes

  • Food & organic materials

  • Explosives, weapons, ammunition

  • Medication & supplements

  • Counterfeit or copyright items

When in doubt, check with your shipping company about any restrictions. Ezbuy Japan's experts can advise you on preparing shipments that clear customs smoothly.

Step 3: Fill the declaration form

Before any shipment, you need to complete a customs declaration form with details on the contents of your package. This gives customs officials information to clear and tax your items appropriately.

The declaration forms require you to provide:

  • Sender's and recipient's contact details

  • Detailed description of each item

  • Itemized quantity of goods

  • Weight & dimensions

  • Value of contents

  • Harmonized System code for each product type

Your shipping provider like Ezbuy Japan will provide guidance on properly classifying and valuing your items to complete declaration forms. Valuation impacts any import duties levied, so accurate information is important.

Ezbuy Japan offers a seamless online form to input this shipment data. You can also provide special instructions for handling fragile items.

Step 4: Choose the shipping method

One of the biggest decisions you'll make when shipping overseas is choosing the right international shipping method. The main options include:

Air shipping - Fastest way to reach far-flung destinations but most expensive. Best for urgent or high value items.

Sea shipping - Most affordable option but very slow, taking weeks. Best for large non-urgent items.

Express services - Door-to-door delivery in 3-5 days. Moderate speed and costs.

Consolidators - Combine shipments to save costs. Slower but cheaper than express.

Factors to consider when selecting your method include:

  • Destination country - Sea limited to some regions

  • Shipment weight & dimensions - Air optimal for small packages

  • Delivery deadline - Air or express for urgent items

  • Type of goods - Use air/express for fragile or perishable items

  • Customs restrictions - Some goods prohibited from air freight

  • Budget - Sea & consolidators cheapest options

Ezbuy Japan shipping experts can recommend the best method that balances speed, costs and other needs. Our cross-border shipping service handles everything door-to-door.

Step 5: Make payment

Once you've arranged pickup and selected a shipping method, it's time for payment. Shipping costs will depend on factors like:

  • Carrier used

  • Shipping method - Air, sea, express

  • Package weight & dimensions

  • Destination country

  • Insurance and other services

Ezbuy Japan provides an online estimate calculator so you can get accurate rates upfront. We offer a wide variety of shipping options at competitive costs.

You can pay Ezbuy Japan securely online via credit card, PayPal or bank transfer. Ensure you include any insurance or service fees in the payment. After paying, sit back and let Ezbuy handle the international shipping process while you track the status.

How much does it cost when ship overseas from Japan

The cost to ship items overseas from Japan can vary greatly based on factors like:

  • Shipping carrier - Each carrier has different rate tables based on weight, destination, speed and services.

  • Shipping method - Air freight is fastest but most expensive, costing over $5/kg. Sea shipments are cheapest at under $1/kg but very slow. Express services like DHL are in between.

  • Weight - Costs are usually based on weight brackets. A 5kg shipment may cost the same as a 10kg one if it falls in the same bracket. Heavier packages cost more.

  • Size - Some carriers factor size as well as weight. Oversized or irregularly shaped items incur surcharges.

  • Destination - Shipping across the globe to North America/Europe is most costly. Intra-Asia and Oceania shipping is usually cheaper.

  • Insurance & services - Adding insurance, signature delivery etc increases costs. But they protect your items.

Average ballpark costs to ship a 5kg package from Japan:

  • Within Asia by air: $60-$180+

  • North America by air: $100-$300+

  • Europe by air: $150-$350+

  • Australia/NZ by air: $80-$250+

  • By sea to most destinations: $50-$100+

Ezbuy Japan provides a shipping calculator to get accurate quotes tailored to your shipment details. Their all-inclusive pricing and discounted rates offer savings.

Ezbuy Japan handle all step in your international shipping process

Ezbuy Japan makes shipping anything overseas from Japan a hassle-free process. Our user-friendly online platform and "Cross-border shipping" service handle the entire process end-to-end:

  • Pickup - Schedule a pickup from your location in Japan at your convenience

  • Packing - Pack items securely following Ezbuy's guidance. No need for wrapping.

  • Declaration - Submit details on your shipment items online via Ezbuy's forms

  • Shipping Method - Ezbuy's experts will select the best carrier & method for your needs

  • Customs - Ezbuy handles any required customs clearance paperwork

  • Tracking - Get status updates and delivery confirmation via your Ezbuy account

  • Insurance - Take advantage of Ezbuy's package insurance to protect your items

  • Support - Get assistance from Ezbuy's customer support if any issues arise

Ezbuy coordinates everything from pickup at your door to final delivery, so you skip the hassles of arranging shipments from Japan yourself. Customers have found it provides a stress-free experience.

Packaging your way

Ezbuy Japan understands that safe, secure packaging is essential for shipping items overseas. That's why they offer customizable packaging options:

  • Original packaging - Ship items in their original retail boxes and packaging if undamaged. Reduces waste.

  • Your own packaging - If you have specialty packaging you'd like to use, Ezbuy will carefully pack items accordingly.

  • Ezbuy packaging - Alternatively, you can have Ezbuy package items in basic boxes, mailing envelopes, and packaging materials.

  • Gift packaging - Ezbuy can provide high-quality gift boxes and wrapping paper for a special touch.

  • Extra protection - For fragile items, Ezbuy adds extra bubble wrap, air bags and other cushioning as requested.

Ezbuy's team are experts at securing items for safe international transport. We'll assess the sturdiness of your original packaging and make recommendations if additional materials are needed.

You can provide special instructions on how you'd like items packaged when completing the online shipping form. Ezbuy will then customize the packaging and protection accordingly.

Customs clearance made easier

Completing customs declaration forms and documentation can be an intimidating part of international shipping for individuals and small businesses. But Ezbuy Japan simplifies the process.

Our user-friendly online shipping app has an intuitive customs declaration form that guides you in providing the required information on your shipment contents. This includes:

  • Detailed description of each item

  • Quantity of goods

  • Item classification codes

  • Value of contents

  • Overall weight

  • Originating country

Ezbuy's experts review all submissions and ensure the classifications and valuation are accurate to avoid customs delays or penalties.

For restricted items, our team will advise on meeting safety standards and properly documenting them. We also handle any special export declaration forms required by Japan customs.

After pickup, Ezbuy coordinates any needed inspections by customs officials in Japan prior to export. Well smoothly handle this process for you.

During transit, Ezbuy proactively manages customs clearance on the destination country side as well. We have established relationships with customs brokers worldwide to expedite the import process.

By relying on Ezbuy's expertise, you avoid the common mistakes filers make on declarations that can hold up shipments. Ezbuy makes customs requirements easy.

Make delivery more rewarding

Ezbuy Japan understands you want peace of mind your overseas shipments will arrive safely. That's why they offer features that make delivery rewarding:

  • Real-time tracking - Monitor your shipment's status from pickup to final delivery via Ezbuy's website or mobile app. Get email/SMS alerts at each step.

  • Insurance - Insure valuable shipments for damage or loss. Ezbuy's coverage options protect your investment.

  • Signature proof - Require signature on delivery to ensure packages reach your recipients. Digital proof provided.

  • Takeback guarantee - If local customs reject delivery, Ezbuy will ship the items back to Japan for free.

  • Customer service - Ezbuy's support team is available to help resolve any delivery issues quickly.

  • Safe handling - Experienced staff carefully handle fragile items using best practices at every step.

  • Speed - Express global delivery in as little as 3 days with Ezbuy's expedited air freight shipping.

You can relax once your shipment is in Ezbuy's hands, knowing they'll ensure it arrives without issues. Our exceptional service quality means you can expect rewarding delivery.

Track the way you want

Once your shipment is on the move, conveniently tracking its progress is essential for your peace of mind. Ezbuy Japan provides flexible tracking options:

  • Online dashboard - Monitor status updates and view delivery proof on your Ezbuy account dashboard.

  • Email notifications - Get automatic email alerts each time your package reaches a new checkpoint.

  • SMS updates - Alternatively, provide a mobile number to receive text alerts on status changes.

  • Mobile app - Check your shipment's real-time status on-the-go via Ezbuy's iOS and Android app.

  • Live support - Ezbuy's customer service team can provide status updates over chat, email or phone if needed.

  • Past shipments - Access tracking records and proof of delivery for your previous Japan shipments up to three years back.

With proactive updates at every step, Ezbuy eliminates the need to hunt down tracking information from multiple carriers. All your Japan shipping details are conveniently accessible via your Ezbuy account.


Shipping items from Japan to destinations worldwide is straightforward and hassle-free when using Ezbuy Japan. Their user-friendly online platform, extensive shipping options, customs expertise and stellar support make international delivery of your packages smooth.

By relying on Ezbuy's decades of Japan shipping experience for your end-to-end logistics, you avoid the stress and confusion of coordinating everything yourself. Your items will arrive at their destination swiftly and safely.

Whether you need to send personal effects, commercial goods for your business, or online shopping purchases from Japan overseas, Ezbuy provides the optimal solution tailored for your situation. Sign up for an account today to simplify your next shipment abroad from Japan!