We are committedTo removing barriers of cross-border e-commerce

With the vision of becoming the leading cross-border eCommerce enabler for both sellers and buyers, Ezbuy Japan strives to provide comprehensive cross-border eCommerce solutions, powered by world-class technology, outstanding expertise, and a passion for serving clients to help businesses unlock growth potential.


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Why work with EZBUY Japan

Borderless shopping & shipping

Buy and auction the whole of Japan on an online shopping platform no matter where you are

Automated warehouse fulfillment

Flexible space & speedy fulfillment with one convenient, all-inclusive monthly and payment 24/7 security.

Adaptable purchase in wholesale e-commerce

Bargain and meet the demand for bulk Japanese products at the most low-market price thanks to long-term partnerships with brands

Real-time order tracking

View, track and process your orders and stay up-to-date on high-tech software at all times

Risk-freely expedite Japanese market entry

Easily enter into Japanese eCommerce market and boost business with A-to-Z support.

Next-day delivery with global presence

Ship to over 220 countries and territories with ease, using standard and expedited shipping options.

Smooth & safe customs clearance

Digitalize customs clearance to avoid errors and make the entire customs process more secure, transparent and visible at all steps.

Door-to-door Air freight

Guarantee attractive prices and consistently high-service standards with long-standing partnerships & many well-known airlines


Cross-border eCommerce

Say goodbye to the need for Japanese language skills, multiple buying accounts or complex payment methods when shopping from various Japanese eCommerce websites. Break free from geographical barriers and unlock a world of potential markets through our comprehensive international delivery solution

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Cross-border Shipping

Ezbuy Japan offers international delivery by air and sea from Japan to over 220 countries. We provide various shipping methods and optional services to ensure your goods' timely delivery, cost-effectiveness, and package safety. With our comprehensive shipping and tracking solutions, we can perfectly meet all your needs

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Warehouse Fulfillment

Professional fulfillment procedures are essential for any business. Ezbuy Japan paves the simplest path to success for all businesses by handling all the hassle-free fulfillment tasks, from secure inventory storage to packaging and dispatching orders.

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Sell in Japan

Foreign merchants can easily sell products on Japan's most well-known eCommerce sites without language barriers, creating various accounts or doing mandatory steps when selling products.

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B2B Wholesale Ecommerce

Ezbuy Japan serves as a bridge between Japanese businesses and merchants, enabling them to get access to a broad range of imported Japanese goods at the most competitive prices.

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Air Freight & Customs Clearance

Benefit from our strong airline partnerships for time-sensitive and high-value shipments. Streamline customs procedures, avoid delays, and enhance the global shipping experience with our expert customs declaration services.

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Sell Overseas

Enable Japanese sellers to expand their sales opportunities to foreign customers through a Javascript tag. Ezbuy Japan will receive inquiries from overseas users, support international payments, implement domestic purchases within Japan, handle cross-border shipping and last-mile delivery in overseas countries.

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Ezbuy Japan is always investing in long-term sustainable partnerships and extending our partner network