Who we are?

Ezbuy Japan Joint Stock Company (Ezbuy Japan ., Jsc) was established in 2020 in Tokyo, Japan.

With a long-term vision and a view of sustainable development, Ezbuy Japan focuses on developing solutions to support the e-commerce industry. We desire to become a bridge bringing the quintessence of Japan to countries all over the world and a companion of business thriving in the land of the rising sun.

We are constantly learning, innovating, and contributing to global trading, for a stronger Japanese economy.


General information

Trading name:

Ezbuy Japan Joint Stock Company (Ezbuy Japan ., Jsc)



Certificate of Business Registration No.:

0115 - 01 - 026853

Owner's Charter Capital:






Our mission is to become a reliable partner in the world of e-commerce, connecting Japan with nations across the globe. We pave the shortest and smoothest path for businesses to achieve success by offering comprehensive e-commerce services driven by cutting-edge technology.


With the vision of becoming the leading cross-border eCommerce enabler for both sellers and buyers, Ezbuy Japan strives to provide comprehensive Cross-border eCommerce solutions, powered by world-class technology, outstanding expertise, and a passion for serving clients to help businesses unlock growth potential.


CEO statement

Ezbuy Japan owns the advantages of great technology and a team of experts with years of experience. The company has transformed from a cross-border e-commerce platform to an end-to-end e-commerce enabler for foreigners in Japan. We have strongly developed in the fields of fulfillment, warehouse and selling in Japan. With the motto 'Customer at the center', we always strive to improve service quality to be better every day.

However, there is no road of flowers leading to glory. To gain the above achievements, Ezbuy Japan has overcome difficult times, of which 2021 is a prime example when the COVID-19 strains seriously impact the global economy and trade. The lower income leads to a narrowing of people's purchasing numbers. However, from another perspective, demand is often proportional to people's income, so it can be expected that when income increases in the 'new normal', the level of consumption will increase sharply.

In 2023, with the motto of 5B: Be consistent in goals - Be good at risk control - Be not afraid of change - Be alert for opportunities - Be sustainable in connection, Ezbuy Japan team will strive to make breakthroughs, create momentum for the next five-year strategic period of 2023-2028. On the basis of promoting the achievements of the previous period, as long as exploiting the potential to bring the brand and scale of Ezbuy Japan growing stronger towards the goal of Top 5 leading e-commerce enabler companies in Japan.

Managing director


Mr. Lex Le

Our strengths

Discover what makes Ezbuy Japan become one of the premier eCommerce enablers for foreign businesses in Japan.

2. High-density logistics network

3. Real-time order tracking

4. Flexible wholesale eCommerce

5. Smooth & fast customs clearance

6. Same day order fulfillment

7. Sell in Japan


Fast cross border forwarding


Fast cross border forwarding

Ezbuy Japan advanced and modern transportation system is able to meet transportation needs. Averaging 5 flights/week ensures the delivery of goods to every destination around the world on time.

Our culture

Step into our company's vibrant culture - where creativity, camaraderie, brave, passion and Japanese culture intertwine to create an extraordinary workplace experience.

Innovation & creativity

We are learning incessantly from customers, partners, and our own colleagues to think outside the box, striving to lead in new technologies, new products, and new management methods.



At Ezbuy Japan, we give prominence to the culture of sharing. We believe that a strong sense of the sharing culture’s value allows Ezbuy Japan to maintain and develop a common community and corporate culture.


Dare to think, dare to act

We set a goal and take steps to achieve that goal at the same time. It’s the “dare to think” spirit that maximizes the working capacity of each member & the “dare to act” that gives us the endless energy to fulfill the mission & create valuable beauty. Satisfying customers is all that matters.


Uphold & promote Japanese tradition

Ezbuy Japan always upholds the positive and effective working spirit of the Japanese. We always strive to learn and encourage our employees to promote the good traditional values of the nation.



At Ezbuy Japan, all members are cared for. We give each other support & work as a team towards a common goal “the satisfaction of customers & the company’s long-lasting growth”.


Trust & Security

Our commitment to safeguarding customer privacy and data security.


Data protection

Implementing robust measures to safeguard customer data and ensure its confidentiality.


Secure transactions

Utilizing industry-standard encryption protocols to protect customer information during online transactions.


Limited access

Restricting access to customer data only to authorized personnel, ensuring confidentiality and preventing unauthorized use.


Compliance with regulations

Adhering to all relevant privacy laws and regulations in Japan to ensure the protection of customer rights.



Providing clear and concise information about our data collection and usage practices, empowering customers to make informed choices.


Secure Infrastructure

Employing robust technological infrastructure and implementing stringent security protocols to prevent unauthorized access and data breaches.