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Go global with Ezbuy Japan‘s Sell Overseas service by Implementing JavaScript on your shopping site
Ecommerce enablement extension designed for Japanese brands who aspire to sell products abroad
* In response to overseas access, a cart exclusively for overseas users will appear. When accessed from within Japan, the overseas user cart will not be displayed.
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Why Japanese sellers
should sell overseas?
Japanese businesses have numerous competitive advantages, and therefore, they will gain various benefits when expanding their sales into other countries.
High-quality Japanese products
Japanese products are often associated with quality and craftsmanship, which can attract international consumers looking for unique and well-made items.
Cultural appeal
Japanese culture, such as anime, traditional crafts, and cuisine, has a strong international following, creating a niche market for Japanese products.
Expanded customer base
Selling cross-border allows access to a global market, opening up opportunities to reach customers from various countries, increasing potential sales.
Global brand recognition
Selling to international customers can enhance the brand's global recognition and prestige, which can have positive ripple effects.
Challenges when selling overseas
There are many troubles that Japanese businesses need to deal with when selling for foreign customers.
Languages and currencies differences
Increase in fraudulent payments
Lack of resources to handle fulfillment
Difficult to ship overseas
Many times returns and cancellations
Don’t know how to attract customers
Duties and fees complexity
How we assist Japan merchants selling overseas with only a tag?
All you have to do is inserting our Javascript tag. No need to change your operations.
You can rest assured that you can leave everything to Ezbuy Japan, from receiving orders to payment process and delivering goods abroad.
Serve customers living outside Japan
Shipping to 200 Countries and Regions available
Ezbuy Japan purchases product for the customer and delivers it globally.
For those who want international shipping, please use the Ezbuy Japan cart.
Our operation
By inserting our JavaScript tag on your own e-commerce site, foreign customers can approach your products and buy them immediately from your platform. Ezbuy Japan will receive inquiries from overseas customers and handle international payment & shipping.
Overseas customers
1. Place an order & payment
4. Overseas delivery
Ezbuy Japan’s
Sell Overseas service
2. Purchase the ordered products
3. Domestics delivery
Japanese businesses
Our total supports
We attack 3 barriers that Japanese sellers can suffer when selling overseas: language, payment and overseas shipping.
Language support
Automate translate the tagline and pop-up into English and 5 other popular languages. Receive the orders from multiple languages.
International payment
Support for overseas payments and limit the risk of fraudulent payments.
Overseas shipping
Prepare customs documents, pack shipments and handle last-mile shipping in foreign countries..
Why choose us?
Why do Japanese businesses choose us?
1. Easy to install
- Insert a line of code into your site within minutes.
- Lightweight and smooth, not affect your site's loading speed.
- No need to change the systems or operations.
Insert a line of code into your site within minutes.,Lightweight and smooth, not affect your site's loading speed.,No need to change the systems or operations.
2. Safe and security payment
3. Competitive fees
Why do overseas buyers trust us?
1. Available a wide variety of payment methods
2. Reasonable purchasing & shipping fees
We offer numerous payment options, so we do not miss any payment opportunities for any overseas customers.
Usage fee
Ezbuy Japan strives to optimize costs to provide the most competitive usage fees in the market.
For Japanese Merchants
Initial cost: 15,000 yen (tax included)
Monthly cost: 3,000 yen
Sale commission: Free
For Overseas Buyers
300 yen (purchase fee) + overseas shipping fees
* Ezuy Japan does not support order cancellation.
Customers who want to cancel an order must confirm with the shop and wait for the agreement from the sellers.
* In case the customer cancels the order, they must pay two-way shipping fees