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End-to-end Japan eCommerce Selling

Are you a foreign seller looking to tap into Japan's bustling eCommerce landscape?

Our "Sell in Japan" service offers you a seamless gateway to establish your presence on Japan's top online platforms. Reach millions of Japanese customers, navigate local regulations effortlessly, and optimize your sales strategy with our expert guidance.

Create a selling account

We provide you with comprehensive, step-by-step guidance to create selling accounts on various eCommerce platforms in Japan. Let’s see how Ezbuy Japan helps you!

Step 1:

Research market and choose platform

Ezbuy Japan helps you conduct comprehensive market research to understand your target audience, competitors, and product demand in Japan. Then you choose the most suitable eCommerce platform(s) based on your product type and target market. We suggest some well-known platforms like Rakuten, Amazon Japan or Yahoo! Shopping.

Step 2:

Assist businesses in Japanese sales registration

We assist foreign businesses in registering their operations in Japan under Ezbuy Japan's legal entity. Furthermore, we provide aid in acquiring essential licenses and permits for the sale of specific products. Our services also encompass helping you grasp the intricacies of Japanese tax laws and e-commerce regulations.

Step 3:

Translate product information

We connect with translation services to help you translate your product listings, descriptions, and customer support materials into Japanese for effective communication with local customers. We ensure accurate and culturally relevant translations to build trust and enhance the shopping experience.

Step 4:

Create an account

Visit the chosen e-commerce platform's official website and navigate to the seller account registration section. You need to provide accurate business information, including company details, contact information, and tax identification numbers.

Step 5:

Product listing

Create compelling and detailed product listings with high-quality images, accurate descriptions, and relevant keywords. You can set competitive pricing that aligns with the local market and consider offering promotions to attract initial customers.

Warehouse fulfillment

We go beyond merely creating a selling account – we also provide comprehensive assistance in fulfillment.

Strategic location

Our strategically positioned warehouses across Japan ensure optimal coverage and quick access to major cities, ensuring timely deliveries and reduced shipping costs.

Advanced inventory management

Our cutting-edge inventory management system enables real-time tracking of your products. Stay informed about stock levels, order status, and shipping details at your fingertips.

Order processing

From order receipt to pick-and-pack operations, our dedicated team ensures accurate and efficient order processing, minimizing errors and ensuring swift dispatch.

International shipping expertise

Leveraging our experience in international shipping, we optimize shipping routes and methods to guarantee cost-effective and reliable delivery to your customers.

How to import to Japan


Research import regulations


Determine import eligibility


Choose a customs broker


Calculate import costs


Prepare documentation


Declare goods to customs


Pay customs duties and taxes


Customs inspection and clearance


Transportation and delivery

Should you find the intricacies of importing goods into Japan daunting, entrust your package to Ezbuy's expert customs service!


Shipping partners

We've teamed up with renowned global shipping giants in Japan, ensuring your business thrives while conquering the Japanese market.

Japan Post

Postal and freight service provider in Japan.

Yamato Transport

One of the largest and most popular courier companies in Japan.

Sagawa Express

A leading Japanese courier company, specializing in fast and secure delivery.

Nippon Express

A leading Japanese logistics and transportation company.

Selling partners

Step into the world of our reputable partners and what they offer.

Amazon Japan




Panpare Mall


Plaza Style