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By Macy
06/04/2024 UTC.

Japanese pine stands out as one of the most sought-after trees among plant enthusiasts due to its imposing and robust beauty. However, acquiring these beautiful white pine pots often involves importing them from Japan, their place of origin. This is why the booking service for Japanese white pine shipping via sea transport garners significant attention.

Explaining the allure of white pine 

Imposing and robust beauty

Japanese White Pine (Pinus parviflora) belongs to the Pine genus and originates from Japan. It's a small, woody plant with an average height ranging from 3-15m. The distinctive feature of white pine lies in its short, densely clustered dark green to blackish-green leaves and oval-shaped cones with dark brown scales containing seeds.

The beauty of Japanese white pine
Japanese white pine trees are favored for their majestic and robust beauty

With its imposing, robust appearance and deep coloration, Japanese white pine presents a unique and distinguished beauty compared to many other ornamental plants. This uniqueness makes Japanese white pine a top choice for those who appreciate the fusion of classic and modern styles, preferring the beauty of strength and resilience.

Cultural significance

Beyond its external beauty, Japanese white pine holds special cultural significance. In Eastern traditions, Japanese white pine symbolizes longevity, luck and prosperity. For this reason, many people often grow Japanese white pine indoors or in offices with the desire to bring peace and prosperity.

Good drought and shade tolerance

Another advantage of Japanese white pine is its excellent drought and shade tolerance. This is an important characteristic for those living in urban environments where light and water may not be abundant. Thanks to this trait, Japanese white pine is easy to cultivate and care for indoors or in office settings.

Conditions for importing Japanese white pine

To import white pine, the following documents are required:

Import permit

To import white pine trees from Japan to your country, you need an import permit issued by the Plant Protection Department. This permit ensures that the importation process complies with regulations and controls risks related to diseases and harmful pests.

Phytosanitary inspection

Before export, these trees must undergo phytosanitary inspection in Japan. This process ensures that the trees are free from diseases, harmful insects, or any foreign agents that could affect the environment in destination countries. Trees are only allowed for export when they meet the inspection standards.

Safe packaging and transportation

After inspection, Japanese white pine must be packaged and transported according to specific technical standards to ensure their safety. Professional staff will use suitable packaging materials, securely fixing the trees to prevent damage during transportation.

The process of shipping Japanese white pine

A typical pine shipping process includes the following steps:

  • The process starts with digging and packaging the trees at specialized nurseries in Japan. Experts select the best pine pots, meeting customer requirements for size, age and shape. Then, the trees are carefully dug up, preserving the root system and surrounding soil for their health. Subsequently, they are packed using specialized materials like coconut fiber, cotton wool, plastic nets, etc., to protect the trees during transportation.

    Digging and Packaging Janpanese white pine trees
  • From nurseries, Japanese white pine trees are transported by road to Japan's largest seaports. This process is carried out by professional transporters using special vehicles such as refrigerated trucks or air-conditioned ones to ensure suitable temperatures for the trees.
  • At the ports, Japanese white pine trees are carefully loaded onto ships. Specially trained personnel will organize the trees systematically, avoiding collisions and ensuring proper ventilation during sea transportation.

After loading, the ship sets sail from Japanese ports, transporting Japanese white pine trees to your country’s ports. This journey may take between 10 to 15 days, depending on weather conditions and routes.

During sea transportation, Japanese white pine trees are kept in a controlled environment with appropriate temperatures and humidity levels to ensure their health.

  • Upon arrival at ports, Japanese white pine trees undergo customs clearance and phytosanitary inspections. Authorities will check import permits and conduct physical inspections to ensure that the trees are free from diseases or harmful organisms.

If all procedures are satisfactory, Japanese white pine will be allowed to enter and be delivered to customers or importing agents.

  • After completing procedures at ports, Japanese white pine trees will be transported by road to the customer's delivery address. Specialized transportation vehicles such as refrigerated trucks or air-conditioned ones will be used to ensure the trees' safety and freshness during the final transportation phase.

Booking Japanese white pine shipping service to your country

The shipping process for Japanese white pine trees, like many other plant species, is quite complex and cumbersome. You can opt for professional services for white pine shipping to ensure a smooth, swift process with minimal risk. When using Japanese white pine shipping booking services, companies will take care of:

  • Reservation on ships and transportation arrangements

Service providers will handle all necessary logistics and book space on ships for your Japanese white pine batch. We will choose the most suitable routes and transportation times, ensuring safe loading and transportation.

  • Customs clearance and phytosanitary inspection

When your Japanese white pine batch arrives, the service company will take charge of customs clearance and phytosanitary inspection, preparing all necessary documents to facilitate a smooth and prompt process.

  • Transporting trees to the customer's address

After completing procedures at ports, the shipping company will transport the Japanese white pine trees to the customer's address using specialized vehicles. This process is carried out carefully to ensure that the trees remain undamaged during the final transportation phase.

Notes when using the Japanese white pine shipping service 

Choose reputable, experienced transportation companies

When using a Japanese white pine shipping service, it's crucial to select reputable and experienced companies in the plant transportation field. A reputable company will ensure that the shipping process proceeds smoothly, safely and in compliance with regulations.

Clear agreement on pricing and contract terms

Before signing a contract, customers should have a clear agreement with the service company regarding pricing, delivery times, and other terms. This helps avoid misunderstandings and ensures the rights of both parties.

Thorough inspection of tree condition before packaging and shipping

To ensure the safety of Japanese white pine trees, customers should thoroughly inspect their condition before the service company proceeds with packaging and shipping. Any issues should be promptly reported to the company for timely resolution.

Prepare all relevant import and phytosanitary documents

To facilitate the Japanese white pine import process, customers need to prepare all relevant documents such as import permits, certificates,...

Time and cost of Japanese white pine shipping booking service

Shipping time

The shipping time for Japanese white pine trees from Japan typically takes about 15-20 days, up to the final destination, including:

  • 2-3 days for packaging and transportation from nurseries to departure ports.
  • 10-12 days for sea transportation from Japan to international ports
  • 2-3 days to complete customs, inspection and transportation to the delivery location.

However, this timeframe may vary depending on weather conditions, routes and other factors.

Service cost

The cost of international white pine shipping booking services varies depending on factors such as:

  • Size and quantity of trees to be transported.
  • Shipping time (peak or off-peak season).
  • Service provider and the selected service package.
  • Additional costs such as packaging, inspection, customs, domestic transportation, etc.

Here's an illustrative example of service costs:

  • Shipping 10 medium-sized Japanese white pine pots (height 1-1.5m) from Japan to the Philippines.
  • Off-peak shipping time.
  • Comprehensive service package including packaging, sea transportation, customs clearance, and door-to-door delivery.


-> Estimated cost: 600-800 USD

Please note that this is just a reference figure. For an accurate price list, you can contact Ezbuy Japan for a specific quote.

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