Professional Koi Fish Wordwide Shipping Service from Japan

By Macy
03/04/2024 UTC.

Koi transportation is a specialized service that requires meticulous attention to various requirements throughout the shipping process. This is why many people opt to use professional Koi fish transportation services. Ezbuy Japan proudly stands as a competent company capable of providing comprehensive, fast and safe transportation of Koi fish from Japan, tailored to the needs of individuals and businesses.

Koi fish and their biological characteristics

What is Koi?

Koi fish (鯉, scientific name Cyprinus Carpio) are a variety of carp with vibrant patterns, originating from China but popularly bred in Japan. The term 'Koi' in Japanese means 'carp\.' This fish species is considered a symbol of luck, prosperity and success in the cultures of many eastern countries.

What is Koi
Koi fish is a colorful carp, a symbol of luck

Biological characteristics of Koi fish

Body shape: Koi fish have elongated, slender bodies adorned with scales reflecting light, featuring unique patterns. They come in various vivid colors such as red, white, black, gold, blue and orange.

Size: Koi fish at the age of 4-6 months typically measure around 15cm, while at one year, they range from 20-25cm, two years 35-45cm, three years 50-60cm, five years 65-70cm, and beyond, up to 10 years, 75-80cm. The size of Koi fish also depends on the nurturing conditions and species.

Lifespan: The average lifespan of Koi fish ranges from 20-30 years if properly cared for. However, under ideal environmental conditions, some Koi fish can live for 50 years or more.

Diet: Koi fish are omnivorous, mainly feeding on algae, insects, worms, and specialized pellet food.

Habitat: Koi fish thrive in clean water with high oxygen levels and temperatures ranging from 18-25°C. They require ample space for swimming and growth.

Procedure for transporting Koi fish from Japan to international destinations

A professional Japanese Koi fish transportation process typically involves the following steps:

  1. Packaging: Koi fish need to be packaged in oxygen-filled, water-filled plastic bags then placed in insulated boxes made of sturdy cardboard or foam to protect them during transportation.

    Koi fish packaging
    Koi fish need to be packaged in plastic bags with oxygen and water pumped before transportation
  2. Transportation: Koi fish are transported either by air or sea in specialized containers equipped with ventilation systems and temperature control.
  3. Care during transportation: Koi fish are regularly monitored during transportation to ensure proper water quality, oxygen levels, and suitable temperatures.
  4. Customs procedures: Upon arrival in Vietnam, the recipient needs to complete necessary customs procedures for cargo clearance.
  5. Post-transportation care: After customs clearance, Koi fish require special care to adapt to the new environment.

The execution of these steps must be accurate and strict to ensure the smoothest possible Koi transportation. Any oversight or malfunction at any stage poses a high risk of the entire Koi batch perishing.

Considerations when transporting Koi from Japan to other countries

Koi packaging:

  • Use oxygen-filled, water-filled plastic bags.
  • Securely tie the bag's mouth and fasten it with rubber bands.
  • Place Koi fish in shock-resistant insulated boxes.
  • Fill the box with water, leaving airspace above.

Koi preservation rules during transportation:

  • Maintain water temperature between 18-25°C.
  • Monitor oxygen levels and replenish oxygen as needed.
  • Regularly replace water to keep it clean.

Customs procedures for Koi transportation:

  • Present animal quarantine inspection certificate from Japan.
  • Declare Koi fish type, quantity, and value to Vietnamese customs authorities.
  • Import permit submission and payment of import taxes if applicable.
  • Certificate of origin for goods.
  • Purchase invoice.

Post-transportation care:

  • Place Koi fish in quarantine tanks and monitor them for 1-2 weeks.
  • Regularly change water and introduce beneficial bacteria.
  • Feed Koi fish lightly and gradually increase food quantity.
  • Monitor Koi fish health and treat any illnesses if necessary.

    Koi fish shipping service from Japan
    Koi fish need special monitoring and care after transportation

Potential risks:

  • Stress or die of Koi fish due to improper packaging and transportation.
  • Disease contraction during transportation.
  • Injuries from collisions.
  • Customs risks or delivery delays.

Safe and effective Japanese Koi fish shipping methods

Air transportation: This method offers fast delivery and excellent temperature control. However, air freight costs more compared to sea freight.

Sea transportation: This method is more cost-effective but takes longer, with higher risks of Koi fish stress.

Depending on the customer's needs and budget, transportation companies select the appropriate method to ensure the safety and efficiency of Koi fish throughout the transportation process.

Pricing of Koi fish transportation services

The pricing of Japanese Koi transportation services depends on the following factors:

  • Weight and quantity of Koi fish.
  • Transportation method.
  • Origin and destination locations.
  • Additional services.

For accurate pricing at any given time, please contact Ezbuy Japan team for a quotation.

Delivery timeframes for Koi transportation services

The delivery timeframe for Japanese Koi transportation services depends on the transportation method and delivery location:

  • Air transportation: 3-5 working days.
  • Sea transportation: 15-30 working days.

Why your should use professional workwide Koi transportation services

  • Ensure proper packaging, transportation and care for Koi fish.
  • Minimize the risk of Koi fish stress, damage or mortality during transportation.
  • Save time and effort for customers.

    professional koi fish shipping service from Japan

Ezbuy Japan provide fast, safe and reliable Japanese Koi fish shipping services

Ezbuy Japan is one of the leading freight transportation companies in Japan, offering Koi worldwide shipping service. With a team of professional and experienced staff, Ezbuy Japan commits to delivering professional Koi transportation services, guaranteeing healthy fish upon arrival in final destinations. 

Ezbuy Japan assures customers of:

  • Professional transportation processes: Ezbuy Japan strictly adheres to international standards for packaging, preservation,and transportation of Koi fish, minimizing risks during transportation.
  • Experienced staff: Ezbuy Japan's staff undergo rigorous training and possess years of experience in live animal transportation, ensuring the utmost safety and care for Koi fish.
  • Flexible transportation methods: Ezbuy Japan provides options for air and sea transportation, catering to customers' needs and budgets.
  • Professional aftercare services: Ezbuy Japan offers advice and assistance with customs procedures and provides guidance on post-transportation Koi fish care.
  • Competitive pricing: With transparent and competitive pricing, Ezbuy Japan offers cost-effective Koi transportation solutions.

With guaranteed service quality and reputation, Ezbuy Japan has become the top choice for many Koi fish enthusiasts all over the world. 

Transporting Koi fish from Japan to Vietnam requires professional processes to ensure their safety and well-being. By utilizing Ezbuy Japan's professional Koi transportation services, customers can rest assured that their Koi fish will be transported safely, swiftly and meticulously cared for throughout the journey. Contact Ezbuy Japan for detailed advice and quotations for your Koi transportation needs.